Monday, October 3, 2011

Alaska Anchorage YSA

This week has been good. I am enjoying serving with Elder Poole. He is a really nice guy. He's very intellectual and a proficient teacher, so it really is nice to be working with him. White washing an area is always an interesting process. It is difficult because there isn't a lot of carry over and many of the records that we have of previous investigators or less actives are either partial or non-existent. That is probably the sole cause of frustration. It;s cool to be able to do work in an area that is new to me though. It's just tedious as I learn the layout and who the members are. I am really looking forward to tonight because of FHE we should be able to meet a large portion of the ward so that should help. We have been striving to contact members referred to us by the bishop but have been unsuccessful at catching many of them or setting up lessons with any of them. I know it will help tons though as we get to meet the whole ward. The good news is that 2 old investigators have come out of the woodwork and we are currently teaching them. I think it will work out for both of them. This week we will start really trying to meet everyone possible and ask for referrals from them all!!! We shall see!

I really liked conference this weekend. I enjoyed all of the talks. I especially enjoyed the one about bishop's reaching out to Less Actives and inspiring repentance and re-activation through the extending of callings.  As I sat there contemplating that statement and pondered on the other accounts of people saying. "That story was the same story as my Father's!" I considered my own life.  It was the same way for me too. I was physically present at church but less-active at heart, and in action. But it was the single invitation to fulfill a calling that to others was very insignificant, that prompted me to repent.  The calling was simple: I was to pick up the bread for sacrament and make sure it was there every Sunday. As I pondered on my willingness to accept this calling I felt unworthy to serve in even this small capacity. Being needed by the Lord and being unprepared harrowed up my soul with guilt and prompted me to ponder on all my iniquity. Through these small and simple means I embarked on a journey that has changed my life and freed me from the pains of sorrow and strife. I now feel the Spirit on a daily basis and often feel it working through and with me with great power and reality. This freedom from the consequences of sin was wrought through the Atonement of my Savior and my faith in Him. I know this, for there is no other way than repentance that I could have felt that burden lifted so freely from my soul.  Now, as a Missionary of the Savior Jesus Christ, I have the opportunity to direct others to the hope and solace that only living the principles of His gospel can bring.  I love it, I love this work because I love Him.

I thought that conference was wonderful. The talks on the Savior and the Book of Mormon and standing for what I believe in have inspired and enlightened me. I know my Heavenly Father loves me, and you, and because He loves us, He sent His Son - Jesus Christ. I know that the church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and that it is THE only church given this name by Divine instruction. I am grateful for the experiences of my mission thus far and I pray that I may have strength in Christ to meet the challenges that I have yet to face and that through these experiences I will become a better man and servant.

Heavenly Father loves all His children and desires them all to come unto Him through baptism into His Church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I hope all is going well for you my family and friends! Happy Birthday Dain, Grandpa Dick, and Caitlin! I love you all!!

Elder Britton Winterrose!

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