Monday, September 26, 2011

Transfer to Anchorage YSA

Hello family!!

Well it turns out that I am getting transferred!!

I am going to the Anchorage YSA (Young Single Adult Ward), so I'm swapping YSA wards. I will be serving with Elder Poole. I met him when he came out; he was in the same MTC group as Elder Tyler Williams, Elder Grate, and Elder Johansen. I think that we will get along great and that we should have plenty to do since we have the college in our ward boundaries so that makes for a ton of YSA-aged singles that we can teach! I am excited. The Cook Inlet YSA (the area I'm leaving) will be combined with the Klatt Elders' area, so Klatt Elders will now cover both areas.

Elder Rowley is going to Barrow with Elder Frank, an Elder that was his friend back home, who happened to get the same call, and also happened to be his MTC companion. :) It should be a fun adventure for those two.

Elder Benage is going to open up Dillingham with Elder Denison, whom I love! So I know they will have a challenging time, but what better way to go out than with a blast!

I am excited, but I am going to miss our ward because I really liked a lot of the members and I was just getting everyone's name down! This last week was pretty neat though, Sister D, our Bishop's wife, gave me two suits that were from this oil executive, but were too big for her husband. They fit perfectly in the shoulders but the pants and suit needed to be fitted... haha. So we took them in to the tailor and they took good care of me.  So now I have two nice newish suits! Happy day!

I got Channing's dearelder but I didn't catch his trainer's name or anyone elses names. You should leave missionaries names in the blogs because that way they can find them and hear about themselves.

It's hard to remember anything else that really happened this week before transfers... Oh yeah wait, we did have a Zone Conference. It was really good. He spoke on many different things but one story I especially liked was one about how his son on his mission served with a missionary and turned his life around.  Then when Elder Walker went to Japan for stake conference like 10 years later as a Seventy, his son's former companion happened to be in the ward that they attended and he went up to Elder Walker and told him how Elder Walker's son turned his whole life around. Some of the greatest conversions that we can aspire for on our missions are those of ourselves and our close brethren.

I love Alaska still and I will keep working on my application for school. I don't need a HS Transcript because they already have that... I just need to know my HS GPA. Otherwise I cannot complete the application. Chances are that they won't even care about it, because they will see my college GPA's first. So please, please, please email me my GPA!! Haha.

If all else fails I can always go to University of Alaska at Anchorage!


Elder Winterrose

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