Monday, October 24, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Well this week was a good week. We were able to teach a bunch of less active brothers and sisters and that is one of the parts of missionary work that I find most rewarding. Many of them even attended church. It is wonderful because we have great leadership in this ward and an awesome Bishop, and I know that they are really doing their best. It just feels good to see a noticeable difference in the size and strength of the ward. Its really humbling to be a part of, because I know that none of it would be possible if the gospel wasn't true. I am so proud of all of those brothers and sisters who decided to put offense, loneliness, guilt or sorrow behind them and chose to come to church and go back at it! Its not easy for them and often it can feel awkward, but it is doing what is right that counts and I know that if they will be blessed for their faithfulness.

I hope our efforts get the ward excited about the work to do in this area and I hope these brothers and sisters return to the gospel is sincere and everlasting. No one should allow themselves to dwindle in activity or devotion to the Gospel and Church of Jesus Christ. Its not enough to just get baptized, but we must all be baptized, confirmed, and then ENDURE TO THE END. There is no growth if we just stop at baptism. No real change. The whole conversion becomes a brief thought unless followed by faithful study, prayer, renewing of our ordinances, and living the gospel to become more like our Savior.

I was astonished at the number of people who just needed someone to invite them to come out. They just needed someone to remind them of the promises that they made and the joy that can be theirs if they choose to return.  For many they know that they need to be back... they just hope someone will notice that they are missing.

It is important that we make friends with as many as possible in the church and then provide them with the lasting love and support that we all require as sons and daughters of God. Enduring to the end is an individual process but it is only possible if we all work together. You cannot endure to the end without learning to serve to the end.

We had a pretty good week over all. The weeks seem so long sometimes that it is difficult for me to remember everything unless I record it in my journal each night... but I don't bring it with me when I email so OH WELL!!!  I did get some wonderful letters this week, so that was good and I got the charger! Yep.


Well I love you all and I hope you are all doing well! I will keep plugging away at my application but I can't really work on it until this weekend when president Beesley gets back in town.


Elder Britton Winterrose

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