Monday, May 30, 2011

(Thursday May 26th)

Well I have this little opportunity to email today because I wasn't able to on Tuesday.

I ended up flying out of Anchorage on Tuesday morning at 8, which meant that the assistants wanted me there one hour before I was to board. I had to be at the airport at 6:20, so I had to wake up at like 5 am after staying up till 3 packing on Monday night.  (I didn't want to waste time on Monday packing during the day when I could be visiting with members.)

I had some really sweet experiences visiting members on Monday. I was able to visit the A. family. Y. A. was baptized after I left the Northern Lights Ward. I was trying to visit her and the family but she was at work. I got to visit with her husband, S., about how they were doing. They are doing wonderfully!

I think the most rewarding and humbling experience is when you leave an area and the people that you started teaching continue to progress and are baptized. I have been fortunate enough to have had that happen with 4 different people so far and I hope to see the other 5 from the Dimond ward, and 3 in the Lake Otis, ward get baptized.

I was overwhelmed with the spirit while I was talking with S. to see how much he, Y., and their family have changed for the better. It is an answer to many, many prayers. I think that is so hugely critical - just because you are gone from their lives temporarily doesn't mean that you don't care about them any less, or that you don't desire for them to progress and follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized. We should never stop praying for those we love. Ever I will miss the Samoan ward tons but I like my new companion, Elder Paul G. from Los Angeles California. He grew up on the outskirts of the city, in the rural-county part. I didn't even know LA had a rural area. Hahah.

He is a good guy - way different than Elder D. - and still awesome! He came out at the same time as Elder Tyler W. I am excited to be here in Craig. People say that the fishing here is phenomenal. I am grateful that President was willing to trust in the council of the Lord in sending me here. We have only met a few families so far, but I can tell I am going to love it here. The branch is strong, it reminds me so much of Valdez... Especially the rain. I am sure that my rain gear that I purchased last summer is gonna be worth its weight. I'm glad I put in the effort to haul that stuff around! Haha. They have excellent King, Silver, Red, Pink, and Dog Salmon runs here, as well as a very strong Steelhead run. I am pretty pumped to do some fishing! I will be sure to take lots of pictures!

Unfortunately I think I have outgrown my Xtra-Tuffs. I don't know what kind of prices you can find for them on the internet but I will go try some on and figure out what size I am now.

I've got that DVD. I will be sending it home on Monday along with the rest of the receipts for my medical treatments.

If you send up any packages please include food! Canned food is a great filler for flat rate boxes!! Hahah!

I love you all! I miss you! Love Elder Winterrose.

(Monday May 30th)

Well a few things of business before I get started on the real letter. I will need size 17 neck shirts just an FYI, and the Xtra-Tuff's are boots. The ones I have are insulated and steel toed. They would probably fit dad perfectly. I found a place down here that sells them for 80 bucks or so.. Yep. I will send these ones home if I get a new pair.

We have to feed ourselves every other day or so and breakfast and Lunch. So yeah it is pretty crazy.

My luggage survived. I was able to repair the handle on the small carry-on so that was good.

I love baked beans. Hehehe. Really though, anything that will hold up would be wonderful.

Other Questions... Do you guys want me to figure out the prices for shipping meat down this summer? I will be catching salmon and possibly getting some deer. Everyone says the deer meat is really good and I've tried it and it is! I could figure out the pricing and let you know then you could just deposit the money in my account and then I could get it all shipped to you. Let me know soon.

Well! This week has been fun. We have driven a lot and I've been able to meet most of the members in the branch. I am hoping to do some good fishing today, though it sounds like I missed the Steelhead by a week or so. :(

No worries though, there is more fish in the ocean. Our area is pretty amazing. We cover the whole Prince of Wales Island. There is a lot of fishing and a lot of logging. We get to cut down trees and do lots of service. We spent our day on Friday and Saturday helping out with the marathon, setting up and all sorts of crazy stuff. CRAP... WE just realized that today is memorial day!! That means everyone is going to be out fishing.

Combat fishing...

This place is beautiful and loaded with deer. The other night we were driving home and counted 43 deer. It was an hour and a half drive but still.. That is nuts!

Well I will be sure to keep you posted as more crazy adventures happen here in Alaska's bush.

I think that is all! Yeah, the fish are calling me!

I will do my best to document my adventures up here! I love ya!! Byebye!!

Elder Winterrose!

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