Monday, May 9, 2011

It's weird writing now because I just spoke to my family yesterday, so that was nice.  It always feels too short, like I need hours to just get caught up. Weirdly enough, the phone call didn't make me bummed this time. Well, not directly. I am bummed that I won't be there for this awesome period of C.'s life, the excitement of getting hearing the farewell talk, and all the hoopla surrounding his entry into the mission field. I also wish I could just sit there and share all the wisdom that I can think of that might help him in the field. OH YEAH, (in case you hadn't heard) HE GOT HIS CALL TO THE CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES MISSION, Spanish Speaking.

I couldn't stand waiting so I called my mission president and asked him to call and ask for me on Thursday. He called me back and delivered the news and I just couldn't stop crying. I am so happy for C.

I guess this is my wisdom.

Be Bold - Loving but forward, trusting in Christ.

Invite all people to repent.

Missionary Work is about timing, if you don't have the spirit with you, or if you don't plan with the spirit, your timing is going to be off and you will not be successful because the people will not be prepared.

HEAVENLY FATHER is working hard to prepare people for you to help as we speak. Don't let them down. Do your best to prepare yourself for them!

Focus on loving the people. If you really love them then you will want them to have all the blessings the gospel has to offer. That is when you will be able to preach repentance unto everyone.

Give people hope. Get people pumped. Be a movement for good.

Trust in Heavenly Father. He won't let you down.

Question your doubts, not your faith.

Timing, Love, Obedience. Faith. Strength. Joy. - Do always as Christ would do.

Faith casts out fear.

Memorize "Remember This" and apply it.

Write Questions as you study the Skill Development chapters after chapter 3 that you can use to check how well you are applying.

If your trainer is doing something that is not right, tell him. And if he is too proud or rebellious to change, talk to your mission president.

Always remember that the Church is true. And everyone needs the atonement.

Read the white handbook. Know the Rules. Keep the Rules. People - members, missionaries, companions, and non members - will test you to see how obedient you are. Be bold, and loving in keeping the rules. Make it clear that no crap will fly around you from the get-go, and people will respect you and support you eventually.

Make sure that you always remember that you are being obedient to help bless your companionship, and all those around you.  You are obedient because you love them, and you Love Christ.

Don't be weak. Be bold! Don't back down when you feel the need to invite someone!

I love you Chan! Your gonna make a wonderful missionary!

Oh and one more thing. You decide what becomes of you on your mission. Not your trainer.

Tell people that you won't stop inviting because you know it's true and you love them.

Well, I'm out of time.

I love you all. Have a great week!


Elder Britton Winterrose

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