Monday, May 16, 2011

Prayers are Answered - The Backpack Returned!

(He begins with a lot of advice to his brother, C., about what he needs as he prepares for his mission.)

I would love a big duffel. Actually 2 large ones would be nice; one nice one, and one not as nice. The handles on the outside of my bags have been having a hard time, so they aren't working out quite as well as I had hoped. They aren’t very sturdy and they are pretty heavy. C. should just think about getting a garment bag, a duffel bag and a nice, large suitcase. He can pack his desk stuff in his back pack, use one of those roller carry-on garment cases - they carry like 2 suits and a few pair of shoes, and then pack all his clothes in one duffel and all the heavy or odd shaped odds and ends that he wants to take care of in his large bag. So he would have his Backpack, roller-garment bag (carry on), a large duffel bag, and a large suitcase. Plus, all those things should be able to fit inside the big suitcase. As for the brand of the suitcase my only complaint with the ones I currently have is that the strap-handles on the top and sides rip through way easy and there isn't a good fix for them, short of boring through them and anchoring them with a large nut/bolt/washer thingy. I’ve seen some mighty fancy duffels too, I just want one that is made of heavy duty material, and has a beefy zipper. Backpack straps would be nice on it too, but who knows. I seem to be ok with what I have right now, we will see what will happen because I may be getting transferred this up coming week.

I love the pants from CTR Clothing, and the suit. They are freaking amazing. Plus the stretch waistband has saved me bookoo bucks! Haha. I don’t care for the shirts from there though. Don’t get conned into buying one; their pockets are too small and the shirts have a weird cut. Not flattering. I don’t know how well they hold up though because I don’t use them.

Didn’t post the video of dancing. We checked it out and it was lame quality, SO we asked around and a member has a really good quality one so they are making me a copy! Whoot! C's video didn't open up, no worries though.

I got my Backpack back from the guy who found it. Basically only the backpack and my scripture case were salvageable. The scriptures were way-more soaked then last time, and they smelled like swamp. I ended up paper-clipping them up in the groups of pages that they were bound in, after cutting all the strings that bind them all together. Then I hung them up and they all dried out. I will be sending them home as soon as I am done getting all the Bible pages back in order. I tossed the Index from the Book of Mormon and tossed the Topical Guide and Bible Dictionary from the Bible, since I didn’t do a lot of marking in there.

No volunteer work! Most of it is taken by other palagi ward missionaries! Haha.

“Remember This” is the list of things on the inside of the back-cover of Preach my Gospel. It is a list of things that, when memorized, can help you to remember ways to be a more effective missionary, and when taken to heart, they can really change your mission. I can’t tell you how many times the spirit has spoke to me using the words from there, prompting me to do something that ends up blessing others and myself! It’s terrific!

Well I'm not quite done with Physical Therapy. I still have a few more weeks left, but I have an evaluation with Dr. H this Tuesday. We will see how that all goes. I hope I can finally be free from this and just move on in my mission.

I've been feeling like I'm going to be transferred. Things are just too good here. I feel like I've done a lot of growing and if I do leave this ward, I will always know that I left it stronger, larger, and helped repair the relationship between it and the missionaries. There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes when we are able to see the fruits of our labors, especially here in the mission field; whether it is the new testimony of an investigator, the rediscovery, or establishment of a testimony in the heart of a less-active member, or even just an understanding of how your own testimony has grown through your service. I love the work of the Lord and I am grateful to be part of it.

I got my backpack back but I don’t have enough time to type the story. Six minutes left on the computer.

I am trying hard to be obedient.

I love this ward. I would hate to leave, but I'm always up for a new adventure. That’s all a mission really is - one wonderful adventure after another. Then at the end you get to look back and see how far you've come.

I’m half-way through. I love you all!!!

Elder Winterrose

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