Monday, May 23, 2011

Transfers - On My Way To Craig

I am so overwhelmed right now.

First off I am so proud of Bryson!  STUD!! Hahaha.  I love ya bro!

Second. I am getting transferred to Craig. There is tons of fish there, so that is good. I would honestly probably cry if I went somewhere that there's no fish. I will be flying out at 6:30 AM tomorrow. I'm SO EXCITED/DEVASTATED about leaving. I really truly love this ward and I will forever hold the members close to my heart. I'm bummed that I won't get to see any of the departing missionaries... Elder M., Elder L., Elder U., Elder S. and a bunch of others. No worries though. I fly into Ketchikan then take the ferry to Craig. I hope I see Andrew. That would be awesome.

Third. I am sending you the DVD of the dance, for your Mothers Day gift.

Forth. I do need somethings.... I need 2 new long sleeve and One Short sleeve shirts, preferably Stafford brand ones like the ones I have now. That would be wonderful. I will see how my suitcase works out and I will let you know about the duffel bags.

Sister Dance told me I can store a bunch of extra stuff in the mission home so I don't have to worry about packing stuff I don't need down to Craig.

President and Sister Dance leave on June 28 and then President and Sister Clark arrive on the same day. No crossover.

I don't have much time to respond so I'm gonna be straight.

C. I love you! But your a foo for skipping Fathers and Sons. Get your temple recommend and go through the temple. It will strengthen your testimony of missionary work, and it will help you feel the spirit. Plus you don't know how often you will get to go through the temple on your mission. I've been out over a year but only been able to go twice.

Mom, the truth is that I find my motivation the same way I have watched you gain it my whole life. You see what needs to be done and then you do it. I pray and ask Heavenly Father for the energy to maintain my enthusiasm and zeal. I struggle, but I press forward with faith. I know that if I work then I will feel the Spirit, if I feel the Spirit then I will want to work harder, and if I work even harder then I will become stronger and I will feel the Joy and the Peace that the Spirit can offer me.

Funny story, we were almost out of miles for our car so we decided to walk on Saturday. WE WALKED 12+ Miles. IT was INSANE. We walked like 2 1/2 hours between each appointment. My legs felt like noodles at the end of the day. It was a wonderful adventure though. One point we were walking and Elder D. said that there was no way we would make it to our next appointment on time. I told him to not worry, that the Lord would provide! And guess what! As we approached the intersection, we heard a honk and we were able to snag a ride from some Elders who were driving to do service, and they took us a full 2 miles. Saved our butts! Literally.

I will miss Elder D., he is a wonderful missionary. He works hard and inspires me to do my best.

I am excited.


To answer your question - what I study depends on what my investigators need to know. I almost never study the same thing in personal and companion study unless it is something really important.

OH and the last but most important part of staying motivated, go to bed on-time, same time, every time. Exercise, medicate, and then Study. And pray over all of these things that the Lord may consecrate your efforts in each to provide you with energy and motivation.

My motivation is the worth of souls. The worth of every soul is great in the eyes of God. You need to have your goal in your mind.

I don't think C. will need 10 short sleeve shirts but I could be wrong. He'd probably be fine with just 8. I miss you guys.

Last thing, If you are feeling bummed or unmotivated, pray, search the scriptures, and find a way to serve. It doesn't matter how big or small the service! It will build you up!

Love Elder Britton Winterrose!

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