Monday, June 6, 2011


Well this week has been an interesting one. We were able to go fishing last week and we found an old crab pot that was rusted and covered in barnacles and then this youth that was with us found long length of old rope so we were able to catch some fish and throw the fish-waste in to the trap and we got a couple keepers! There is tons of crab down here! It is awesome! We caught a few little Rockfish. No big runs of salmon in yet, but soon... soon!

I'll try to get the price per pound figured out on the processing and shipping for salmon. If I can get some of it smoked would you want some? Would you want some Crabs too? I mean if I'm gonna go through all the work of getting the stinkin' fish down there, then might as well throw some dungeness in there as well! Too bad King Crab season doesn't start till July 1st!

My companion caught a nasty cold on Wednesday and then it hit me on Friday, despite my best efforts to dodge it and not get sick. It seems like when one person gets sick, EVERYONE gets sick. Like the whole town. Oh well! Such is life on the island! Hahah.

We have been doing a ton of service. Nothing too spectacular this week but hopefully we will stumble across some good service next week!

I am pretty surprised that the Prius is trading in for over 5K more than you payed for it. That is nuts!!! Huge blessing. Who knew that such a fruity car could be such a blessing! I'm just glad I will never have to drive it! :)

I am super stoked about C. getting to go on his mission! SO PUMPED! Study the teaching skills chapter. Chapter 10 of Preach my Gospel.

The work is going well. We were able to visit M. C. who is 11 and the Daughter of J. K., a recent convert. We spoke with her for a bit and she shared with us that she wants to be baptized!!!! VUNDABAR! We weren't able to start teaching her till Sunday night though because of her mom's busy work schedule and some day trips that M. was going on. Still it was good.

We were also able to meet with a wonderful couple, D. and S. W. They were originally contacted by Elder Jeff B. when he was flying in on the plane when they opened the area. I'll let you know how everything goes with them. They are wonderful!

I may get to catch a King Salmon! Who knows though? I've still got my fingers crossed.

I didn't get to see Andrew yet cause he is like three hours away by ferry. What is the name of the people he is staying with/working for? What is he doing? What are his hours? Any info you could get would be super helpful! I will be spending the day in Ketchikan next Monday because we have to ferry there in the morning so we can catch the plane to Juneau in the evening for zone Conference. I am excited for that! I got an Alaska air miles card so I'm gonna be racking up them miles!! BOO YAH!! Hahah.

Luckily this place dodges most of the tourists (Cruise Ships) but it would be a wonderful place to build a small fishing summer getaway. It's wonderful here!

Well that's pretty much it for this week... I can't think of anything else. I will be sending the old Xtra-Tuffs home along with my Mother's Day DVD and the receipts. I'll just let you send it in! :)

Well I love you all! I miss ya tons! I miss my Samoan brothers and sisters back in Anchorage tons too!!

The members here are way awesome! Like just indescribably cool. One family of boys reminds me of ours. They even told me that their mom and dad chase them down and pop their pimples and blackheads! They even have an extraction tool. And they like wrestling. Way funny.

OH!!! AND GUESS WHAT!! C. GOT Baptized!! WHOOT!! YAY C.!!! It's always wonderful when you leave an area and your investigators still get baptized!!

I guess that's all for now!! Make people happy!!!

-Elder Britton P. Winterrose

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