Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brand New Elder for the Dimond Ward!

OK, so today was wonderful!!

My new companion is Elder T W. (grew up from Pismo Beach California, moved to Rexburg 3 years ago)! I only have like 30 seconds to write because our day has been packed with errands and we have to run Elder S. P. (another new arrival) to the airport and dinner and he has to be at the airport by 6:15... It's 5:45 right now, and the airport travel + dinner will take anywhere between 28-37 minutes...

Just wanted to get on and let you all know that I love you, my new companion is way awesome, and I love the Samoan Dimond Ward. OH MY HEAVENS!! I Got a letter from SAM and he is SOOOO SKINNY! AND TAN! It is NUTS!! I'm jealous of him! Haha!

The commando-Furby or Borgby, as we called him, was the crazy-inventor part of me coming out while me and Elder L. were together in Fairbanks. We were helping C. and J. clean out some storage, and J. found it and wanted us to dispose of it before the kids found it.... So we ended up with a Furby, and I had found a laser pointer all mangled in a parking lot a while back, so I took it apart and hollowed out the eye of the Furby, and installed a laser that would target for the Furby..... :) ADHD!

The truck, sticks in the grill, and tire marks were from when we were driving down from Fairbanks to transfers and we spun out. Elder L--- was driving with me riding shotgun, Elder L. and Sister C. were in the back. Luckily my experience in spinning out on the road, (I'm sure mom will never forget when that happened to us!!) and Elder L---'s calm focus, helped Heavenly Father to save us from physical danger. We ended up spinning all the way around twice, L--- over corrected, I told him to let go of the steering wheel.  We finally regained traction which ran us off the side of the road, down a shallow ditch, and up a slight hill. It was an exciting adventure. 

Last week a guy wanted to bible bash with me, but I told him I wouldn't and bore my testimony. He was silent for about a minute, till his anger from being confounded built within him. He asked me if I'd ever been hit in the face before... (threateningly) and I said, YEP! So then he asked me if I wanted to be punched in the face. I said no... But I considered saying yes for a moment in my mind because it would make a much better story of how this guy punched me in the face and then proceeded to get beat up by a pack of missionaries at the public library. BUT then I realized that it was Satan trying to get me to do that, and that it would hurt because he was a rather sizable homeless gentleman. Anyways, I told him that it wouldn't be wise and then we got up and walked away, but before we could leave he told Elder W. that he should bend him over his knee and spank him.

Silly Alaskan crazies.

My birthday was awesome. I have no time to elaborate. It was good.

I am so excited to train. And very very nervous.

Still haven't seen the doc about my ankle, I don't know what I need to do to go? Do I just call and schedule an appointment? Are our insurance benefits still the same for me or do I need to change anything? Please let me know!

I love you all!

Elder Britton Winterrose

PS  The word for dance in Samoan is Siva (SEE Va).  The word for hit, like I'm gonna hit you, is sasa (SAw SAw).

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