Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Training!!!

Well its Transfers! And guess what? I'm Training! Don't know who yet - won't find out until I am at transfers. But I figured that I would just let you know and let the anticipation build within you! That way you can share in my excitement. I don't have time to email today but I figured that I would just let you know that much. Also, one of my best missionary friends, Elder S. S., had to fly home yesterday because of medical issues that he had faithfully endured over the last few months. If they are able to treat his ailments then he will be able to return to the mission field. I was feeling really bummed about it, but we were able to talk before he left. I asked him how he was feeling about it, it truly is all very surreal, the first day and last day are that way, but in addition to that he said he felt at peace with it. I also was able to pray about it and I received that same spiritual assurance. Only the spirit can anchor our hearts in times of deepest sorrow through our faith in the Savior. I know that it will work out, and regardless of whether he returns to this mission. He followed the will of Heavenly Father and served his time honorably. And I know that I will get to see him again after the mission!

Well that's all I have time for now! Hopefully I will get to email tomorrow, if not I will write a letter home and send it. Well anyways! Love ya!

Elder Britton Winterrose

P.S. Elder W. is being transferred to the Jewel Lake ward, which comprises the southern most portion of the Dimond ward boundries! He's excited that he is getting such a drastic change of scenery. Sarcasm. But really he is excited!

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