Monday, March 14, 2011

Well it sounds like the trip to Vegas was a blast. The part about M. and M. made me laugh. And the part about Hoover Dam. I'm jealous that you got to go see Ka' because that is the one Cirque show that I've really wanted to see because it sounds awesome.

This week has been a good long one. We had specialized training all week, meaning that I had to sit in training from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. everyday, and then we went out and worked after, but it was wonderful. My companion, Elder W., went with me on Tuesday and Friday. We had some great spiritual teaching experiences this week as we really focused on meeting the needs of our investigators.

I think that the one thing that I can do that will improve my teaching the most is to listen. Listen closely and sincerely. And just sit and listen. It amazing how clear someones desires and fears can be when you just listen intently on what they have to say.

Well I think the most exciting news is that we have 5 people who are on date to be baptized on March 26th! We also have a pretty large teaching pool right now. The biggest effort is just in making the arrangements to finish teaching them the lessons and in finalizing the arrangements for the baptism. It sounds right now like it's gonna be huge. There were like 120 people at M.'s baptism and he was the only person being baptized there.  Now there are 5 people being baptized... and they are friends with lots of Samoans and they have huge families. We are already planning on holding the service in the chapel, and then we will have to move all the chairs out of the relief society room so we will have enough standing room for the baptism.  The ward is taking control of planning the refreshments/ entertainment for the mini shindig after the baptism.  I'M SO EXCITED!

The other good news is that some of the people I helped teach in the Northern Lights Ward are going to be getting baptized too! And that is always a good feeling.

OH and I have to leave in a few minutes to go to lunch with C. F. He and J. came down from Fairbanks for the weekend. I'm way excited to see them.

All in all it has been a terrific week!

All my love to my family and friends.

Love Elder Britton Winterrose

PS. C. I got your letter. Did you get either of the ones I sent to MOSCOW!? If not then that was a waste of a dollar!

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