Monday, February 27, 2012

I got the football and barrel of monkeys you sent! Hahah. Thank you! This week was a pretty good one! No complaints. We were able to begin teaching an awesome young man in the second ward. We met him at D's baptism a few weeks ago and he is a pretty solid kid. He is a good guy at heart and knows what kind of a man he wants to become. His learning about the gospel is also blessing the lives of his friends and all the young men involved so it is pretty awesome. 

The work is going well here. Elder Woolburt and I are being obedient and the blessings are pouring in, as they always do. I am really grateful to be serving here. I really don't have a lot to say... I may ship some stuff home if I don't have space. Make a list of things you want me to make sure I bring home. Make a list of things I can leave or toss...

It's crazy crazy to be wrapping up. I can't believe it. I love you all.

- Elder Britton Winterrose

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