Monday, February 13, 2012


Well D's baptism went well! The spirit was strong, there were lots of people there to support him.  His mom and sister were able to attend, and he only had to get dunked once!! All-in-all it was a very spiritually uplifting experience and there were many non-members that came which is always awesome! I will attach some pictures of the Baptism.

The work is going well still. Chaos erupts occasionally when you are working with YSA' s :) but for the most part they are a pretty solid group. We've been blessed with some solid investigators who really needed the gospel. Every one is just in a different state of progression at this point. Life is good though.

We had a meeting on Friday that we had to call in to, so we cooked some burgers, hijacked a spare battery from the backup phone, and headed off down the road to enjoy the meeting while eating burgers and chilling on the beach. It felt AWESOME to have the sun come out for a day! It was super warm too, like 45-50 degrees. The sky was pretty clear and the wind was calm... It was a neat meeting too. Lots of good leadership going on in our mission right now. All in all we had a pretty hectic week. No plans for our pday as of yet, but who knows what will end up happening.

I am really doing my best to finish strong. Satan tries so hard to just get you to coast out the end;to go from swimming to treading water waiting for the hour your service will end. True joy, however, comes from doing. Relying on the Lord,and conquering at length.

I have really enjoyed my mission and I am still having a blast. Not knowing if I've been accepted to BYU drives me nuts, but we should know by Friday. Hopefully. I wont forget dads b-day, haha! (It's the day before his so he usually remembers.)

Oh in other news.... I was out hiking and I suffered a fall, and the watch ended up saving my wrist from being fleshed open, but it broke the pin that holds the band to the watch face. I took it into Fred Meyers jewelers here and they said they don't have the pin but they could have the jeweler put a rivet in it.... I was like "No... I'll just call my mom and ask her what I should do." It was funny. Anyways I am going to be sending it back because most all the jewelers up here can't do it and all the big fancy summer jewelers are closed for the season. So yeah... keep an eye out for that one in the mail. 

I couldn't get the valentine because it was shipped UPS to the office... They got it and I just made a deal with Sister Campbell that they (all my Mission Grannies) could eat them if they would make me fresh ones when I end up heading back to Anchorage. I think it was a good deal! ;) SO YES THEY WERE DELICIOUS.

I really like Channing's notes from the dream he had. I have been having wacko dreams lately too. But all of them are to instill the fear of God in my heart to keep me from going astray when I return and I am thankful for them. Chan, Heavenly Father just wants you to focus on your work. We will get to see each other again, but only in the Lord's time. Keep your mind centered on your mission, your purpose, and your task (PMG pg 96).
It's so hard to stay focused right now.... BUT I CAN DO IT!!!!

Love Ya!!!

Elder Britton Winterrose

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