Monday, January 2, 2012

Well hello family! We had a good week. We were able to have really nice experiences. One time we went to a door, at an address we had scheduled an appointment at. We went up and assumed that the girl was R-----. who we were trying to contact and were like "Hey hows it going, we are here to meet with you." She just kind of had a baffled look on her face and then she was like, "Sorry guys, tonight's not a good night." So we asked when we could come back and she told us to comeback tomorrow. So right before we left I was like, "My name is Elder Winterrose BTW," and we shook hands and replied "K----."  I had forgotten the name of the person we were supposed to be contacting, but Elder Drake quickly informed me as we walked back to the car that we were trying to contact R----... not K---. So we basically walked up, knocked on her door, told her that we were there to teach her, and she gave us a day to come back. Pretty funny.

We cover the 1st branch and 2nd ward, so I just call us the Juneau 1/2 Ward Elders. We were able to meet the members of our branch and ward on Sunday.  There was a lot of focus on missionary work, the rescue, and many good contacts with members -- just too many small connections for me to be anywhere other than here. The work is slow now but the members are getting excited and I know that it will all work out! This is where I am supposed to be!

We were unable to work out hard over the holidays but we were able to start working out again this morning. It feels so good to be sore.

Its a blast serving with and alongside these Elders. Its just so much fun.

I am glad to hear that you did get some snow while you were up at Bachelor. That's awesome. I can't wait to see some pics of your adventure!!!

Everything is going well here. I love Juneau.

Well I love you all I hope you had a happy new year. Everyone needs to make sure they read Pres. Monson's message for this month, its awesome.


Elder Britton Winterrose

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