Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Mom!

Things in the world are good here in Juneau. We had a successful week and were able to teach and meet more of the ward. We have picked up a few new investigators so that is always rewarding as well... its really nice here.

We worked out this last week, I did squats on Friday and I'm still struggling with walking... SO sore! Haha. That's what I was aiming for though. We did chest and back this morning. We get to go to the HS and work out in the Gym because the Bishop in the other ward is a teacher there and he goes with us. Its a great way to wake myself up in the mornings... and improve my physique. :) I am excited to get home and hang out with Dain and Mo! I can't wait to get them to the gym with me. Dain just remember, everything that coach McMinn was telling you about will over matter is true. I don't work out just because I want to get ripped. Its much more than that. I want to work to be my best self - spiritually, physically, mentally, academically. Most of all though, if you can learn to master your body and keep the commandments of God then you will be unstoppable. You will be blessed with opportunities to do good and will be given gifts, challenges, and trials - all of which will build you up and bring you closer to your Savior and Heavenly Father if you always remain humble and rely on their guidance through the Holy Ghost. Plus all the ladies will go crazy for ya! Hahaha.  Learn this - when you work hard and gain through your endeavors it feels amazing. Keep at it bro.

And Morgan... about the ladies! Be good. Always, always, always respect them.... that means keeping the Law of Chastity even if they don't want to. (DON'T HANG AROUND GIRLS WHO DON'T WANT TO KEEP IT.)

I feel grateful to have such awesome brothers.

Life here is going good. We seem to be stuck in the middle of a blizzard as I type. 20 min ago when I walked in it was clear - but now its going crazy outside.

I got my xtra-tuffs back. I love wearing these things around. You don't have to worry about getting your foot swamped when you slide into a puddle.

17,000 texts.... are you sure you didn't mistake the decimal?! That's insane....

The Special Olympic Coaching story cracked me up. I would like to try out skiing when I get home.... maybe.

Oh other things.... the new Mormon messages on are awesome... well, most of them.  Some of them are cheesy or dumb. They are pretty awesome for the most part.

So I was supposed to give a talk on Sunday about home teaching in the singles branch but I was the 3rd speaker and the first speaker went a little long, and then my comp kinda thought he had more time than we actually did, so I ended up with 6 minutes :) I was cool with that! As a missionary you better be able to teach whether given 3 minutes or 30 minutes.  So I got up, talked about how my Home Teachers, Brother Hamilton and Brother Roxburgh, were awesome and were super diligent in magnifying their calling as our Home Teachers. I will always be grateful for the way they showed interest in my salvation. Bro. Hamilton even gave me the G's I'm wearing (they stay white if you wash them with Tide :) ) Then I sang a song.... spirit told me to. I have really been trying to share the gospel with the talents I've been given. I sang Lord, I would follow thee. It went OK for no practice and that dehydrated state you get in when you're fasting (it was 2nd ward's fast Sunday). Then I shared my testimony - the same one I will now share with you:

If you serve your brothers and sisters will all diligence in the gospel then your Heavenly Father will bless your earthly brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends and enemies. I know He does. He has blessed mine in ways I cannot even comprehend, and I know His promise is sure. His invitation is extended to all within the sound of His voice, especially His priesthood bearers. 

I was really blessed with great Home Teaching companions and families, and I am grateful for the opportunity to reflect on their examples and those experiences as I prepared my talk.

So that was my talk. Our Sundays are long. Get to church around 9. Then singles branch starts at 9:20 and goes till 12:30. Then we mingle for 15 min. with them and begin to greet people who come to the 2nd ward. 2nd ward starts at 1:00 and then after church we helped set up because we had a "Break the Fast" ( a week late because not many people were at the singles branch last week) at 5:00 before we watched the CES fireside at 6:00. So we arrived at 9:00 am and got out at 7:20 pm. LONG DAY!!! Hahah.

The fireside was awesome. A wonderful talk; awesome insights into the gift of the Holy Ghost and how we can live our lives by its guidance. The only bad thing is that I remembered my glasses and the speaker kept licking his lips.... it bugged me, probably because I was really tired. So I did what I do anytime something like that happens - I began to count. 189 times. That's how many times I counted him licking his lips during the fireside. Buy that man some chapstick. :) 

It really was an amazing talk though.

I am pumped to sing for Bro. Hammond. I will be ready! You let him know! You can talk to Jan about getting it all set up.

Waiting on byu Provo is killing me. KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm way glad to hear that Hayden is gonna go. That is awesome. The mission is worth it no matter what it takes to get straight with the Lord and get out into the field.

We have Elder Holland, who is awesome; Elder Williams, who is also awesome and is one of my top mission homies; and Elder Drake, who is awesome - all living with me in our double wide!  Its pretty awesome. Our district is composed of Elder and Sister Later and us four. The Laters are in Sitka and they call in to our district meetings. We only see our Mission President if he flies down for a conference or training and I think our next one is on the 18th. Other than that we just keep in touch via email.  He trusts me though... especially when I'm living with the ZL's !! He told me to make him proud. So that is what I'm going to do. That is the kind of missionary I am, and strive to make choices that will maintain that. 

Trust in the Lord with all thy might.. ALL OF IT. DON'T EVEN SO MUCH AS LEAN UNTO YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING. In everything acknowledge His hand and wisdom, with an attitude of gratitude. Do these things and you will always be provided the path that will enable you to do His work.  Its funny - the more you yield, the more your mission will yield.

I hope Chan is doing good!

I love you all and miss ya!

Elder Britton Winterrose

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