Monday, September 19, 2011

Tricycle On Two Wheels

Well things are interesting here in the Cook Inlet YSA ward. On Tuesday President Beesley pulled all three of us, Elder R., Elder B., and me, into his office. He told us that Elder R. would be being transferred to the North YSA ward to replace a missionary who was going home. So this week felt a little strange and off balance. Normally the first few weeks of the transfer are were the balance is established and the last 3, or so, are the race! So it's kinda hard learning how to ride a tricycle while balancing on 2 of the 3 wheels.... hahah. I miss the little man though! We were growing used to the threesome. So that was a pretty strange event. And it all happened so fast.

We have had a pretty nice week though. On Saturday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and had service opportunities all day. Elder K.T.W. and I were together and we worked at this event at the Lousacc Library. We got to dress up in mascot suits and danced on the street corner. I was an Eagle and he was Seymour, the Anchorage moose. It was a blast but it was exhausting. Then we got to help pass out door prizes and ended up with some sweet flashlights and a pedometer. So that was our Saturday. Then Sunday morning Sis. Beesley called us up and explained that they were going to be busy picking up Elder Walker of the Seventy and his wife, and that she wouldn't have time to make dinner... so she asked us to! After church Elder B. and I went over to the mission home and started cooking the salmon and making the salad. And we were the first Elders to greet them! It was pretty neat.

We didn't stay for dinner, but we did have dinner at another members house and the member family has a trampoline to bounce up onto the back deck instead of stairs, so (of course) I took that way into the house like 4 times. All in all it was a strange, but pretty, fun week.

I have been worried about applying to BYU as my 1st choice and BYUH as my second because I am afraid that I won't get in to either. Do you know if I can re-apply during the same year and change the order if I don't get in? Maybe apply for a later semester? IDK. I just don't know that BYU would be the best fit for me, but both of my mission presidents have counseled me to go there because I will get a better education... and I can't throw that out the window. For now I think I will just apply to both and let the Lord decide. It worked last time right? Hahah.

I didn't get the pic of Chan with his trainer... but I can't wait to see! I hope everything is going well for him and I hope he likes his first area/comp. They will probably always put Winterrose boys with trainers too big to beat up. Hahaha. 6 months.... INSANE. I never thought I would be to this point. This week will be awesome; haircuts, a 5-zone Zone Conference with Elder Walker, and then on Saturday we have transfer calls! So this week should go by pretty quick.

Well I miss you all!! I hope you're having a wonderful time!


Elder Britton Winterrose

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