Monday, June 13, 2011

Hi Family and Friends.

Well this week was a good one. We were able to do lots of service, I learned the tricks of the trade of splitting wood by hand and we split a ton of wood for this one family, the S.'s. We spent some time helping the B. family on the home they are building and I helped their two older boys build a massive bike jump. It was pretty sweet. We honked our horn at a baby deer and the deer fell on the ground so we hopped out and got pictures of us holding the deer. It was a little buck. Now that it is deathly afraid of humans and cars it will probably grow to be a trophy sized buck!  We searched for bears, and found none. We feasted on Crab at the H.'s home and had fish tacos 3 times... but they never seem to get old. Last week it was hot dogs, this week fish tacos. Sometimes it sounds like all we do is mess around but we just luck out and get to do tons of fun service.

We were able to teach M. this week twice and she is doing well. She is scheduled to be baptized on June 25 in the OCEAN!! Too neat!! We have been visiting less actives. Saturday morning Elder G. had the thought twice to go over and weed-whack one of their yards, so we followed that prompting and right after we finished up she got home. She was so happy that we did it. Then she even showed up to church the next day! Wonderful!

We had dinner with the I.'s on Saturday and Sister I. was the one who took the Photos for us! They rode back on the ferry today along with us and bought us breakfast! How nice is that! They are a wonderful family.

I found out that I can register to do subsistence fishing because I am a rural Alaskan resident. That means I can catch tons of fish, like hundreds.... and crabs too!

We are in Ketchikan right now. We will be leaving to Juneau tonight so I'm gonna scream if I see you in the airport. We are headed towards zone conference and specialized training. All the missionaries from the zone will be there so there won't be any in Skagway.  I am super excited to see President and Sister Dance.

I'm gonna try to catch Andrew today and catch a King Salmon today. BOOOYAHHHH!!!

Oh and one last thing - Did you hear about them changing who my new mission pres is going to be? They had to flip ours and the future St. Petersburg Russia Mission pres . Here's a clip from President Dance's email to us missionaries.

~"Dear Elder and Sisters of the great Alaska Anchorage Mission,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, an adjustment has been made to the assignment of Pres. and Sister Clark.  They have been assigned to the Russia, St. Petersburg Mission as of Thursday night, June 9.  I received a letter from the Missionary Dept on Friday June 10 advising me that the new president of the great Alaska Anchorage Mission will now be President Jon S. and Sister Evona Beesley.  (They were featured in the Church News of March 12).

Sister Dance and I spoke to them on Sunday, June 12.  They are very impressive and are very excited to come.

You will meet them at the "Meet the President Meetings" scheduled for June 29,30, July 1,2

(Brother Beesley recently retired from a high security position as the Chief Test Pilot for Lockheed Martin.  He knows more about the new military jet aircraft than any other person on the planet.  Basically the Clarks are going where the Beesley's were first assigned)"  ~

Well we don't have a whole lot of time but I just want to emphasize how much I love you all!

I love ya and miss ya! 

Whoever said it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission apparently hasn't broke the rules as many times as I have. That or they are just scuz-bags.

Love Elder Britton Winterrose

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