Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Juneau Zone Conference

Don't Cancel EFY. Just Don't. Seriously - The trek, even if it was a spirit packed experience, is no substitute for the council, guidance, and spirit that EFY provides. It's just not worth it. He will just end up spending one week dorking off otherwise. Two weeks of spiritual nourishment will be good for anyone. It will help him be that much more prepared when he goes back to school and give him the time for some serious reflection that is necessary at that age to help decide what changes need to occur to stay on the path of righteousness.

Did I ever tell you that I have been considering becoming an EFY counselor for the summer after I get back... I want to but I also want to come back up here to Alaska.... We will just see what Heavenly Father wants.

Your account of Juneau is about the same as mine... I found out that MORNING!! that you would be there the same day as me but the way you made it sound was like it was all still up in the air. Anyways, we spent our p-day in Ketchikan on Monday fishing for kings but we got stiffed.  Then we went changed, got to the airport late, and were afraid that we weren't going to be able to check our bags so we slimmed down our gear to carry-on only and then barely made our flight.  I was a little worried that you would be on the flight with us if you were on the milk run from Seattle that stops in Ketchikan before heading to Juneau. After getting past that, and arriving in the airport, I just kept looking around to see if I could spot you, because I was 99% sure that you were going to be stalking me or in the terminal waiting for me. So after concluding that your flight came in earlier than mine we proceeded outside and I kept my eyes peeled. Eventually I was caught up in the fraternizing, and only looked up when my companion mentioned that this car was rolling up on us with their window down. Expecting to get a shake thrown at me and a slur of explicit language directed my way I looked up only to see my mom leaning out the window yelling "I JUST CANT STAND IT!!!!" Then my get-away driver Dad sped off leaving me stunned and disoriented. It was so surreal. Seriously, any contact more than that would have probably blown my mind. Everyone thought it was hilarious, and they loved the pictures we got at zone conference the next day. I showed president and he thought they were hilarious too.  So that was a pretty exciting part of my trip.  I'm glad that my parents were able to resist temptation! Haha. That's how it goes as a missionary often times... one missionary will have a moment of weakness and the other will be the strong one, then it will flip flop till the resolution is made to choose the right. HOPEFULLY!

This conference was President and Sister Dance's last zone conference. It was pretty sad. It's going to be weird to not have them there any more.

Honestly I can't even remember any big specifics from the conference without my notes. We covered a lot of material, but the meetings were spiritually driven and our Zone is solid - ton of awesome missionaries. And the Spirit was very strong in the testimonies. I am grateful that I got to hear President and Sister Dance's departing testimonies. I love them dearly. They are wonderful.

Thank you mom for getting my RX stuff figured out. I really appreciate your help. I love you all. I don't have much time but it is really helpful. I love ya tons. 

Take care.
Love ya tons, 
Elder Britton Winterrose

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