Thursday, February 17, 2011

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You didn’t send a weekly email? OH wait! You did send one........... Dang it.
Ok well I will just have to stand in line for another time slot. No big deal. Love ya.

(time passed…)

Ha-ha yeah I'm still here. The way this public library system works you keep getting time until someone queues behind you in the computer system. Hopefully I keep getting extensions for a bit but I really don’t have time to type anything substantial. SO let’s just talk for a bit! How was your week?

Ha-ha yeah I got it on Valentines!  Perfect timing. OH my heck, that card was ridiculous! Seriously! Made me laugh so hard!

So Guess what! Elder W.'s Grandparents are serving in South Africa and they are gonna get me some scripture covers made from elephant and ostrich hide. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!! I’m so excited for that. And they said they would just get them for me. I offered to buy them but they just offered to get them.
Also I got my retainer fixed right. But then yesterday I was crunching some ice.... and yeah.  Oh well! I will just have to get it fixed again  asap.
The temple is nice. It’s been almost a year since I had been in it.

Zone Conference was good. We talked a lot about - We are putting a new emphasis on it in our proselytizing and encouraging members to create profiles on the site. You need to!! It is wonderful! I feel the spirit every time I am on that site. Unfortunately, missionaries who are currently serving are not yet allowed to create a profile. And I know that with your hard knocks tech savvy that you could make a wonderful page! It is just supposed to be you.... all the struggles, triumphs, blessings, and testimonies that make you... you! Ha-ha. It’s cool though because now we get one hour per week to just go on it and explore/familiarize ourselves with it! It is great.  And I ended up singing at zone conference. I practiced one time with Sister Dance and we changed the song from Be Still My Soul to How Firm A Foundation. I was so nervous.  I realized how long it had been since I had sung in front of a group like that! But it went well, I felt the spirit way strong at the end of the 7th verse, (I sang 4 verses of the song) and got a little choked up! But it was wonderful! I love to sing.

Unfortunately no one recorded it, but next time I will prepare better and make sure someone at least gets it on audio! Ha-ha.

I don’t have enough time for a real letter. Your just gonna have to mix and match. I’ve got 2 minutes left and It doesn't look like it’s gonna extend.... if I hit one minute I have to log off.

Well I love you. I’ll email again if it gets extended otherwise. Have wonderful week!

Love Britton!~ 45sec!

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