Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 2

Hey Mom and Family!

Thanks for the package! The brownies were awesome! They made my day and I shared them with my district and they all said that they were awesome! Thanks Dain!!! I'm saving the cookie for when I get hit by the midnight hunger tonight and tomorrow. But seriously, there is so much junk food floating around our dorms, everyone just keeps getting packages of crazy food hahah!

As you can see by the exclamation point, I am on a good computer today so that is excellent! I miss you all, and I think it is awesome that C. is playing lacrosse! He’s a stud!

I hope M. and D. keep doing well in school and sports! I miss you guys tons. I would write more letters but its super busy here and I never have time to write you guys ‘cause my handwriting is so slow hahah!

I wasn't able to get my nose fixed, ‘cause the doctor couldn’t find where it was bleeding from. That didn’t give me much confidence in him.. .haha. It’s ok though. I just got a priesthood blessing for the sick from my district and I am confident that it will make me better. I am gonna buy some saline moisture spray today from the book store and it should help during the day and I’ll keep doing the Vaseline at night. I think I’ll be all right and if not I’ll just have to go when I get to the mission field and go to an ENT there. I just keep having that scripture mastery going thru my head "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." Proverbs something haha. (3:5)

Tell D. that my companion is nice and he’s kinda quiet but he’s getting better at speaking up each day!

Now to answer your questions!! Tell M. that the food here isn't that bad but it’s not great. It’s bearable. But today we went to the temple and ate REAL FOOD and it reminded me how amazing normal food is!!!

I have 3 roommates and they are all going to Alaska and one of them is my companion. His name is Elder Wiegand and he’s a pretty cool dude and he’s gonna be my comp for the entire time I’m here at the mtc!

I’ve met tons of Elders going to Alaska, there’s got to be at least 14 or 16 of them here right now, all heading out at the same time. I met Elder Williams! The one from facebook! He’s a way cool guy! I like him a lot!

There are 8 people in my district! That’s the people you saw in the 2 pics in front of the temple! We don’t have any sisters in my district but we do have a few in my zone! They just got here so they may take some time to warm up to our zone!

I have had a devotional - EPIC and a AWESOME fireside! The fireside was cool! I got to sit right on the front row! It was so amazing to hear all the missionaries singing behind me! I just got overtaken by the spirit and started crying (I know, I know), I couldn’t even sing. The speaker was good! He talked about missionary work and how it changes lives and had a bunch of missionaries who were recent converts come up and talk! It was awesome! I got to hear an apostle speak at the devotional! I don’t have enough time to tell you about it here though! So I’ll just have to write it to you in a real letter!!

I can email the brothers but I would love it if they would just send me dear elder letters because I love hearing from them!

I have class in one room and then we leave it to go do workshops and teaching assignments during the day!

Keep sending me dear elder letters!!! I love them! And I love knowing what to write you about!!

I love you guys and and miss you dearly!! Talk (or write, I guess) to you soon!! Look forward to some Mormon messages!! haha

Love Elder Winterrose!!!!

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