Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MTC update

Hey Mom!

So, first off, I really miss you! And Dad, and Chan, Mo and Dain! Well, you should be proud of me! I have been called as the district leader for my district so I'm in charge of my group that I do EVERYTHING with (haha). My experience of living on my own has really payed off. I taught my entire district how to do laundry; they didn't know about stain treating, dividing whites and darks, and some didn't even know how to use the washer! Thank goodness I was here to teach 'em how!

Everything is going great, the days are really long though. So long, in fact, that it seems possible to have a good day and a bad day all in the same day! I am becoming acutely aware every time the spirit ebbs after a strong spiritual high from teaching, or working, or studying and then it slowly begins to fade into a quieter still small voice. At first, it was making me really bummed each time it happened, but I am starting to love the still small voice that remains after the spirit teaches. But I have been praying for charity to take over and keep helping me love the people I am serving, whether it's investigators, my district, or the people around me. I love my district, but don't want them to get too comfortable and start slacking in some areas. They are still way better than most districts though, and are very focused on learning. It's still difficult to adjust to calling everyone Elder, I catch myself all the time. : )

Today was awesome though, I had so many meetings. I had meetings all morning. It was really uplifting, but I was still struggling to feel the spirit really strongly. So, as I went about my day, I just kept praying and finally I got the answer to my prayer when I went to devotional.

My companion and I went early so we could get front row seats, an entire hour early! So I was just sitting and studying Preach My Gospel. On page 3, it talked about praying for the spirit, so I went to D&C 42 and just read. When I was reading, I just said a small prayer. Then they had the most amazing prelude music. The second song we sang was a modified version of Bring the World His Truth, the Primary song. It was so amazing. There was 1,700 missionaries singing it all standing behind me. It was so powerful and so moving! I was doing great until I got to the modified verse, "We have been called in these latter days, to build the kingdom in righteous ways," and then it says, "We are now the Lord's missionaries, we have been taught and we understand that we must do as the Lord commands." So I started to weep when I read, "Now the Lord's missionaries." I was completely overwhelmed by the spirit. It was so great! Then we sang Praise to the Man, and it made me cry as well. I did my best to sing. Dang you, and your cursing me with this boohooing spiritual gift (haha)!

Well I do love you guys. Every time I read about Joseph and Hyrum it makes me think about and miss the brothers. Tell them I love 'em. I can't wait to hear all the ways that the family has been blessed by my faithful service. I haven't been able to check my email yet and I haven't gotten another letter from you, so I'm thinking I may not remember your email address. Send me a letter when you get this so I know for sure and don't keep worrying. : )

I really do miss you guys when I have time to. But I'm working so hard that I don't have much time to. I also don't have time to write each day, I'm super busy. Everything is going great though. Just pray for me, have everyone you know pray for me and my district and all of the missionaries. I'm gonna keep working hard. It's late though, and I need rest so I can be in tune with the spirit, but wanted to write you and Dad and tell you that I love you.

I love you, Ma, Pa and brothers! Stay true to the faith!



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Every time you feel prompted to send me an uplifting letter, do it! I probably need it!

I was adjusting to the schedule change really well, but then daylight savings hit us. I hate daylight savings.

If this letter doesn't make any sense, it's because I'm a scatter brain because it's so late.

I've seen Sam a few times. I always love stopping and talking to him.

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