Saturday, March 13, 2010

First (rushed) Letter Home

Hey Mom,

… (computer problems). I'm just gonna have to write this quick - I saw Sam! It was so funny 'cause I yelled, “Sam!” At the top of my lungs and he was like, “Huh?” and then he saw it was me and I was like, “Oh, Hi Elder Turner.” This computer won't let me capitalize or punctuate, but since it takes 6 minutes every time I log on, I might as well send it to you anyway.

They made me district leader. It's awesome! I get to serve all my fellow missionaries and help inspire and set a good example for them. I've been working on helping them realize that they have a limitless potential as missionaries and they will be able to do anything as long as their faith is strong enough. I've been working on teaching them Alma 17: 3, 9&10 and Mosiah Chapter 28 to help them realize the power of working with the spirit. Well I love you.

It's snowing hard here, so I'm way glad I have this heavy wool coat to keep me warm! My suit from Grandpa is beautiful, I love it! I have yet to force myself to wear the other one, but I really need to (hahah)! Day 4 is soo busy, I only have half a p-day today so I didn‟t have time to write you a real letter, but I will be writing one to you and the brothers on Sunday and mailing it out on Monday. My companion is cool too. He's from Arizona and has never seen snow fall before, so it was a pretty magical day for him!
I'll write you more later if I'm able to get back to a good computer tonight, but for now, I need to go make sure my district makes it to dinner and then to class on time.

I love you mom. I know that this mission is going to bring enormous blessings to our family, and I am happy to be letting go of my old-self and letting the Lord shape me into who he needs me to become to amplify my service for him - now and through the rest of eternity.

Normally our p days are on Friday, so if you're on then, we can shoot emails back and forth throughout the day, so I can answer your questions and stuff (hahah).

And I found out that I can print-out emails, so if you send me long ones I'll be able to print them out, but only on my P-day. And because I've been in here too long, I probably won't be able to email you back tonight.

I hope you got my address, but I'll include it in the letter I'll write. Tell the brothers I love them, and ask them to pray for me that I can be an awesome leader and be a great missionary like the sons of Mosiah.

I love you. I love dad too. Tell him I miss him. I would be way bummed about missing you guys, but I‟m so stinkin' busy (hahah). I love serving my fellow missionaries and I've learned so much. Learning with the spirit when I'm this close to the spirit is amazing. Anyways, I love you guys and be safe.

Read much,

Your Elder Winterrose

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