Monday, November 14, 2011

 Hey Family!  How's it going!

Well this week was a great week. We were able to begin teaching many of the people who attended the fireside with Elder Holland. It was pretty sweet. We were crazy busy this week.

Sunday was a good fast and testimony meeting. A bunch of the members told us how happy they are that we are staying another transfer. There were a ton of Returning Members who came as well so that was good. I really love this ward and I love getting to be around people my age. It really eases a ton of stress.  President Beesley was there on Sunday too! That was cool. I bore my testimony and it was funny because I got up and sat on the stand because someone else was getting up to speak and then after they finished the bishop got up and started to close the meeting. I was just going to sit and wait out the rest of the meeting sitting up on the stand haha. While he is standing up the 1st Counselor looks back, sees me, and reaches up and tugs on the bishops jacket. Well the bishop being as awesome as he is, let me get up and bear my testimony very quickly. I am grateful for the inspired leadership of the church and I am grateful that our meetings are run by the spirit and not by dogmatic policy. I will always remember it as a lesson in leadership.

I'm sorry for the short message! I love your profile mom! It's sweet.  I hope life is going well. I will probably send a letter home later on this week. Life is hard, but my faith is strong.  I finished up part of my BYU app, and now I just have the final two essays. I should be able to finish them this week.

Well I love you all! Dad, you should make a profile too!


Elder Britton Winterrose!

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