Monday, August 22, 2011

Well this week has been strange. It is weird being in Anchorage again. It just feels different, but everything is going really well. I really like Elder B. and Elder R. Elder B. is solid and Elder R. is hilarious, we get along pretty well together. Who knows what week two will bring! Hahah.

The work is slow in this area but I have faith that it will pick up in the Lord's timeline. It's strange serving in a ward where the mean age is 24.  It's kind of weird right now too because 80% of the ward is leaving to go back down to college this week or already has left.  But we were able to start meeting with one new investigator and we have at least been able to meet with SOMEONE everyday this week. (The hardest days are when you are busting your bum and you don't get to meet with anyone.)  But really, I like my companions, and we are having a fun time doing work even if it's slow.

I think its awesome that you shot the 50 cal mom, but you should have videoed it so I could watch! Haha. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful trip in Utah.

We were pretty blessed to go to the temple this week too. Elder B. worked with a family in Wasilla and they were sealed on Saturday and they took out their endowments on Friday. President Beesley let us attend both parts, so it was really nice to get to go to the temple, and to witness my first live family sealing. It is cool to see the missionary work progress to that point and to watch as the true blessings of baptism are realized. I always learn so much when I go through the temple. I feel like I really have to go often after I return.

I love you all, sorry for the short message. I just don't have much time. My hard drive is being wacky! I will have to wait another week to send pics!! :(

Love ya!!


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