Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lots of Kings and Investigators


This week has been awesome. I will start off with my P-day.


IT was awesome. We all limited out! I caught the biggest one, measuring in at 43 inches, and it definitely weighed more than 30 lbs. It was awesome.

We just went out to try to snag some Pinks in the brackish water of the Port St. Nick river but we were about to leave and on the way out these people had some kings on the bank and I was like, "WHERE DID YOU CATCH THOSE!!" And they pointed us toward the spot. I cast out, reamed hard on the rod, and sank that hook into my first king... the rest. as they say, was history. We fished so hard that my arms are sore. Those fish are so big and strong it's unreal. With just one flick of the tail they start peeling the line off your reel as your drag buzzes and screams. Almost every time I hooked one, it would just rocket out of the water! Many of the biggest ones I hooked into snapped my 30lb test braided line like it was 2lb test, right off the first jump. Had they not, it probably would have trashed my rod and reel because the fish would be too heavy!!! It was SO AWESOME!! I will find some one and get them to email the pictures that Elder G. took on his camera... because my camera was fried from it's little dip in the water last week.


It was such a blast.

The work this week has gone well. My companion, Elder G., was sick this week... and still is.. But he is pushing through it. I made sure he took a day to sleep and regain some energy on Wednesday because he looked like death. Then Thursday morning we were able to get him in to the doctor at the clinic and they prescribed some stuff to slow nasal drainage and to stop the cough. He still has a little cough but has more and more energy each day. So far I have dodged what he's got, but only time will tell. He is a freakin trooper! Just pumpin through it as best as he can. Even with him being ill, we were still able to do some good work this week.

We taught P. the 1st and 2nd, and she is keeping her commitments by praying, reading, and going to church. She was very nervous and apprehensive about going to church but has relayed to us her desire to go again this coming weekend. She has set a date of September 3rd as her baptismal date, pending her spiritual witness. She is doing well.

We were able to visit J. H., a former investigator and by some miracle were able to catch him in one of the brief windows of time that he was actually not gone on business. We discussed the first lesson that he had with the missionaries back in January and were able to reteach the 1st and invite him to meet with us again. We should be meeting with him this week.

We were unable to meet with T's mom, T., because Elder G. was ill but we should be able to see her this week. We are trying hard to see her. We also began teaching the parents of a wonderful family, the C's. They are native Alaskan and we met them at a city event. We were able to meet with them on Sunday and teach them the first. I feel like they will really start to progress. They have 2 daughters and 2 sons over the age of 14 who we are working to begin teaching as well.

We have a few potentials that we are striving to set up a solid appointment with - I am confident that we will be able to teach them at some point in time this week. We were unable to meet with S. J., our investigator in Hydaburg, because of his work schedule.

We were able to see and visit briefly our other investigator who is on date for the 10th of September, K. D. She is headed out of town and has been extremely busy over the last few weeks so she hasn't been able to come to church. Hopefully, she will begin to progress after she returns from her current trip off the island.

The work is really going well. We have a large investigator pool for such a small island. We are being blessed and I feel it daily. I am grateful to be here on Prince of Wales. I hope to stay another transfer... if it's my Heavenly Father's will.

Mom, if you want to put up my reply to your question last week do it!  It's cool with me. Also if you go on my facebook and look up SeAlaska you should be able to tag me in some pictures of the totem pole raisings. That would be pretty sweet if you want.

Well I guess that's all for this week. I love ya guys! I hope you all just keep pressing forward. Remember if you are feeling trapped: Knock and it shall be opened.

Prayer is the key to opening the door of revelation and repentance.


Elder Britton Winterrose

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