Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hey everyone,

Well I'll be honest. I have really mixed feelings about this transfer. I am really disappointed that I am leaving Craig. I feel like my time there got cut short. I was really looking forward to this next transfer because the work was picking up.  We had a solid teaching pool of genuine investigators, not just a bunch of people to visit, and I really loved the people there. I'm sad that both me and Elder G. are being transferred. I found out on Saturday that I was leaving because I called Alaska air to find out if I had a flight booked for the next week and we already found out on Thursday that Elder G. is training.  So as I eagerly awaited my transfer doctrine call from the Assistants, I compiled a list of things that I didn't want to happen. And this was before I even got my transfer call...

1. I didn't want to be bumped to junior. - Missionary life just seems smoother when I can call the shots. Plus I've been busting my bum to be obedient and it was really starting to show in the missionary work.

2. I didn't want to serve in a threesome. - It's hard enough to function as a companionship, let alone throw another rock in the blender. I served in one last winter, and although it was just for a few weeks, I really disliked it. Plus it splits your  (He didn't finish this sentence.)

3. I didn't want to leave. I knew I was leaving, but I still was in denial. I was almost certain that I would have another few transfers there. The work is really pumpin' there and I would hate for it to stop.

4. I didn't want to go back to Anchorage. I didn't have much time left and I love serving in the bush. As does every missionary.

5. I didn't want to get paired with a disobedient missionary.

Now I didn't know about number 5. Hahah. I am sure my new companions, Elder R. and Elder B., both of whom I've never met, are both great guys. And if they aren't, then they will be by the end of the transfer. Hahaha.

As for the big news. I am serving with Elder R. (~7mo.) and Elder B. (~21mo.) as a junior companion in the Cook Inlet YSA ward in Anchorage.

I hate for this letter to just sound negative. Obviously the Lord is trying to teach me something (humility) and is trying to teach me to not compare my progression to my peers, but to instead look to the blessings and tender mercies that have been provided to me so I can effectively gage my growth and progression along the path he has prepared for me. It sucks. But it's for my good. And the good of the work of the Lord. I promised to serve Him with all my heart, so I will. And I will learn the lessons He is trying to teach me.

Well this is pretty much my feelings for now. I am going to go and try to catch some fish. I will ship the fish home to grandma. I put her name on the box. Hope that doesn't cause any conflict.  I love you all. I'm gonna try to catch A. at work.

I am excited to see old friends and to make new ones. I really, really love the Members and Non-Members on the Prince of Wales Island.

Those who the Lord loves he chastens.

I got a letter from C. too! Awesome letter.

My camera is totally fried. So yeah send the old one up or something. :) Love ya.

I will attach some Pics! Love ya!!

Elder Britton Winterrose.

PS The fish will probably be shipping out tomorrow, Tuesday, morning. Love ya!! Make sure some one is there to pick it up off the hot porch.  :)

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