Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Simple Week With Great Fishing!

Well this last week was pretty bland too. We went and taught people. I mean what more can I really say because I hate getting everyone excited about investigators only to have them drop off the face of the earth a week later. Like I'm afraid it will jinx them or something like that. :) Really though, like same stuff different week. We were way busy all week but I just have no clue where our week went. Oh one highlight was that we had a branch party on Saturday for Pioneer Day and a ton of people showed up from the branch and we had awesome dutch oven cooked food.

Sorry I didn't write much last week.. I was just pretty burned out from fishing and really it seems like one week just passes on past the next here. It's like walking on a long road with out any landmarks to judge where I'm at and where I'm going. And I hope the short letter mom wasn't just a reaction to my short letter because I spent most of my time last week writing a dearelder to C., and then I had to write my mission pres but didn't even get to finish that letter because I ran out of time. EMAIL HERE SUCKS. Plus just because I didn't write back doesn't mean that I didn't like your email, cause I did!

Tell D. that scout camp only sucks when nerds on a power trip are in charge of the dining hall. Sorry Poot, next year will be better. Sometimes I feel that some people think that boy scouts is the army.... and its not.

I have a huge box of books and stuff to send but I haven't sent it yet because I am procrastinating.

Oh and did you ever email me C.'s full MTC address including MTC box # and his departure date? Because I would like to be able to write him real letters! :) Love ya!!
Elder Britton Winterrose's Cohos

Elder G.s' Coho

Whale Pass Cohos
We went fishing today. We were slaying them. I caught like 20. I would catch em, muscle them in, and then J. B. would hit them with a stick to stun them and then we would huck them on the bank. It was fun. Tonight we are driving to Kassan and we are going to get pictures of the old old totem poles. OH something cool to mention, we are going down to Hydaburg this week for a totempole raising. We actually get to help carry it and then stand it up. That should be pretty neat.

Well I hope everything is good back home! I love you guys and miss ya lots!

Love, Elder Britton Winterrose.

Oh and one more thing, we had the coolest lesson this week in Priesthood. It was about keeping the sabbath day holy, and it just happened to fall on the Opening day of deer season. Luckily almost every one was at church. Haha.
Take Care. Love Ya!!

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