Monday, April 11, 2011

Well, I just wanted to send a small email to let you know how its going.  Elder W. is getting transferred to Willow and Talkeetna. SO we are crazy busy today.

As for what brands C. should buy, STAFFORD shirts, CTR pants. That is the only way to go.  The Stafford's are the king of wrinkle free. You can even get away without hanging them or folding them. I sometimes just leave them in a hamper and pull them out as I need them... They smooth out completely within minutes. And the pockets are strong and the perfect size - they are way durable. Most shirts start having major problems with the collars beginning to wear quickly along the fold and with the little tabs. The Stafford ones that have internal tabs and the ones with the button down tabs are the ones I prefer. I like the button down tabs on the short sleeve shirts just because they function better when you are doing something active like spur the moment service or playing a quick game of b-ball. Also, don't get shirts with a tight neck, make sure you have plenty of room for comfort or you will end up going poly-style and leaving the top button undone all the time.... like me. ;) But seriously, the button-downs are awesome. It all depends which ones you love. Don't spend a cent on anything else. OH and the pocket on the Stafford is big enough to hold your missionary handbook, planner, name tag and a pen - perfectly. Most other shirts, all that stuff doesn't fit in the pockets. The CTR slacks and suit hold up amazingly. And you CAN wash the pants that come with the suits.  Gold Toe socks are Great, just find a way to permanently mark the toes so you can identify them later on. They are awesome! I love those ones. Mine are just now beginning to wear out. But C. is going to Samoa so he is going to need a fai toga (the formal lava lava that they get to wear). AND some nice flip-flops. 

Love You all! And I'm pretty bummed about Elder W. leaving but I know it will work out. 

Love You!!!

Elder Britton Winterrose.

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