Monday, April 4, 2011

Elder A., Elder H., Elder R. and Elder Winterrose

I forgot my conference notes...

Well it's OK. I loved conference.

I loved the priesthood session. I hope the brothers wrote down the sections from D&C that speak of priesthood duty and are reading through them. You should study them as a family. I am grateful that they emphasized so many different things. This week was stressful. I won't talk about all the specifics of it all as it really doesn't do you any good. The only reason I even bring it up is because it is so important to always remember how Heavenly Father will support us through our trials. I loved that part of conference. I can't remember any of the specifics. I do remember that they used a quote that I misquoted a few weeks ago in my email. The one about the "The Gospel is here to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comforted" Yeah... that is still one of my favorites. There are a lot of people that you meet on your mission who are just comfortable with not progressing or becoming better. I also loved the Be and Do talk. That was a goodin! And I loved the talks about adversity, and how our answers to blessings can consist of the trial being taken away, or us being strengthened. I also loved the part that spoke about how adversity can come not because we are disobedient but simply as a means of Heavenly Father redirecting our path to a greater path that he is currently preparing for us, one that we never would have expected. It is wonderful to look into our past and observe how it is through the smallest means that God brings about the greatest good both in our lives. Who knows....

I loved it all though... Elder Christofferson is the one I took the most notes during. I loved his talk. My mind is struggling to make the connections between all of the speakers and their topics though. I loved the one about seeking and accepting correction. I love that they mentioned that we should seek correction and look for that which can build us up or even help us change - even in the critical words of others. I also loved the part in a different talk about not letting someones mistakes become who they are. No matter how messed up anyone is, they are still a Child of a loving Heavenly Father. That's why we have to keep working so hard.

We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday, for S. T. She came and took the lessons from us starting back in January, but then she dropped off the face of the earth for a while. Then like two weeks ago she showed back up and let us know that she wanted to be baptized!!! Awesome!

Well I love and miss you all. I will keep you posted, and let you know anything else I think of when I write again next week.

Oh and all the missionaries agree that you write the longest letters ever mom. That is a good thing though. I would hate to just have a few measly lines. And I think I usually do an OK job of writing back, sometimes. Hahah.

Love, Elder Britton P. Winterrose

OH and one more thing! I think C. is going to serve in Samoa. Its gonna happen. Pago Pago American Samoa. :) I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR YOU BRO!

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