Tuesday, January 11, 2011

He's here - Elder R!

Where to begin! Well I guess it all started out on last Monday after we sent our email. SO our new companion, Elder R., overslept in the MTC and missed his plane, so he wasn't able to get out of Utah on a flight up here till Saturday. So we didn't have him all week.

I guess he was up late till like 12AM packing and then he set his alarm for 4 because his report time to the shuttle was 5 AM. You could understand how he would be very concerned when he woke up at 6:30 and realized that his alarm never went off! He had accidentally set it for 4 PM instead of 4 AM... major bummer for him. And to top it all of, none of his roommates woke him up!!! They just let him keep sleeping! So he had a pretty rough week!

But our week overall wasn't bad. We taught some people, had to move our baptisms around, and then we picked up our greenie on Saturday.

Saturday though.... Saturday was crazy. We did our weekly planning and then after we did that we hurried over to a lesson that we had with J., who is on date to be baptized on the 29th of Jan. SO we arrived at the meetinghouse at Maplewood and there were like 90 cars in the parking lot. It turned out to be a funeral for a Samoan lady in our ward and everyone was there so we had no one to teach. So we went and were able to contact this nice family that we received as a referral. Sometimes though, when we are teaching someone new, I let my desires to teach a whole lesson get in front of my love for them and don't teach the way I should (I can be a little overbearing). Nevertheless! We do have an appointment to see them again on Thursday so I have a great shot at redemption! Haha! So we taught them and then we had to head to Wal-Mart to buy large garbage bags for our adventure at decontaminating our new companion and his stuff.

See, there was an outbreak of bedbugs in the mission - missed me thankfully! But they were able to trace it back to the mission home and then back to the MTC. There have been a few cases of outbreaks in the MTC so now we are having to treat all the belongings of new missionaries before they can do anything. It's kind of challenging because chemical treatments aren't always successful, they can do harsh things to the human body, and they always take more than one treatment. So the only way to kill the little devils is to heat up all the belongings above 150 degrees F for an extended period of time. Normally they will have a specialist come in and set up all of these heaters and fans in a room in the mission home so they can take the belongings of all the new missionaries and just treat them all together in one batch, the same way that they would treat the room. Well this would have been wonderful, but our companion came out a week before the rest of the group and we still needed to treat him for bed bugs as a precaution.

SO we had to bag everything and anything that could be thrown in a dryer was put in a dryer for an hour and a half on the highest heat possible. Everything that couldn't go in the dryer: Suits, ties, scriptures, luggage, journals, backpacks, shoes, pretty much everything a missionary carries with them - had to be bagged, tagged, and left in the garage of the mission home where the little bugs could rest in a peaceful frozen hibernation.

BACK TO WAL-MART - We were walking around and as I came around the corner I looked up and guess who I saw!!! C.P! - The first person I taught that was baptized on my mission! And she was there with S., A., S. and D.! I got to see them and talk to them! Nothing feels as good as seeing someone that you had the blessing to teach and baptize, and then seeing that they are continuing to grow and progress in the gospel!!!


What a tender mercy! I had been wondering how they had all been doing and the Lord answered my prayers to let me know in a way that I never would have expected. Everything had to happen just right for us to be there at the same place at the same time! SO neat!!!

SO after Wal-mart we went and drove to the airport, took the wrong parking exit, went through the drop off loop and then drove the wrong way down a one way street into the backside of the long-term parking. Then we ran back to the terminal, jumping over some concrete dividers to make our way back quickly and hurried to the security gate were we anxiously awaited the delivery of our boy!!

Elder Britton Winterrose and Elder K. O.
Are proud to announce the successful arrival of their Boy!
J. R. R.
Who Came into our World:
January 8th, 2011
185 Lbs 3 Oz
69 3/4 " Long

So we picked him up and proceeded to decontaminate the stuff.  It was a very long day for him, but we sure are glad to have him here!

OH and I got my fur hat!! IT is sweet! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Winterrose!!! It really stands out, hahahh!!! I love it! It does shed though but it's all good! And it fits my big head perfectly!  Hahah.

So I had an idea and I think I am going to send all of my pictures to be developed at the Costco back home and send you that 100 free prints slip so you can just pick up the photos there. What do you think? Idk what to do, hahaha, so let me know what you think.

Well that is pretty much my brain dump for this week. I really hope I stay in one of the Samoan wards, it would be sweet to train Elder R., he reminds me of Sam a TON! We get along pretty well. It would also be cool to serve with my homeboy Elder L---, but we will see what the Lord has planned for me. Who knows, maybe I will end up in the bush somewhere, or in an Anchorage white ward ............... or not. Hahaha!! Well I love you all! And I shall depart now that I might go and enjoy the rest of my p-Day!


Elder Britton Winterrose

P.S. Keep on playing ball Poot!!!

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