Monday, January 3, 2011

Dog Sledding, Fresh from the MTC, and A New Samoan Ward

I think it’s awesome that M. fits into that suit. And that he’s way slim. That is pretty sweet. Now he just needs to work out and fill out with muscle!

It has been so warm here this week. We have had some crazy Chinook winds and it got all the way up to 50 degrees out. It feels like spring because all the snow, which wasn't a whole ton to begin with, is melting.

SO the crazy news for today is that I am having a boy. Having a boy, as in my companion and I will be training a new missionary beginning tonight! He is coming in before the transfer because his cycle at the MTC is ending early. We just found out yesterday from Pres. ALSO, the stake went and split our ward and the other Samoan ward into 3 Samoan wards. We really have no clue what will happen as far as people we have on date or whatnot, but we should continue teaching all of the people that were in our old boundaries until transfers when they will split up our threesome and have 3 pairs of Samoan speaking Elders in our mission. It probably, HOPEFULLY, means that I will continue to be Samoan speaking although I may or may not continue serving in the Northern Lights Ward. But we will see and I will know more on Sunday after we see how it all goes down. Yep. That’s pretty much the most exciting news.

OH but wait! I am off my crutches! Yep! It’s a good deal. I saw the doc on wed and he gave me permission to get off of them and so far it has been well.

We have been working hard these last few weeks. Last year they only had 9 baptisms in our ward during the whole year. We currently have 5 people on date and hope to have 8 on date by the end of the week. M., age 10, is supposed to be baptized this Thurs. so we are hurrying to set that up and we will try to make it as special a day as possible.

It is crazy. I have never been this busy. We aren’t able to go out and find much through tracting because my ankle isn't 100% just yet but we have been very blessed by the Lord with people to teach and work to do.

All in all, it was a pretty crazy week. But we are hopping out of the frying pan and into to the fire tonight. So we shall see how it all goes down.

I am all finished with the ankle business though. It is still a little swollen but it should go down. I am supposed to come back in a month from the visit if it is still swollen, and in a few more weeks I will be cleared to start playing sports again.

I’m so happy that C. is working on being able to begin his papers. Just stay away from girls until after your mission. Trust me. They are nothing but trouble.

Those dancing games look like a blast. I really want to try one out. The x-box one is way cool because you don’t even have to hold a controller. It just follows your body. Sweetness.

This new camera works fantastic. I will be sending the old one home shortly.

OH and guess what I got to do as service on Friday!?! I got to work as a trail guard for these dog sled races! It was awesome. We got to ride around on snow machines on the dog sled trails. We basically just stood there and waited at critical points along the track in case a rider wrecked and we would have to stop their dogs... Ha-ha. Well I didn't see anyone wreck hard but there were a few minor crashes... nothing major. It was pretty cool.

I can’t imagine having to care for 14 or 15 dogs all at one time. I mean, can you imagine that much poop? Dang. I would be cool with like 3 or 4, max. Even then I would need like a huge yard... Anyways I am including some pictures that I took while I was there with the new Camera so you can check them out!

We didn't end up getting to ride, but these one people that Elder M. talked to said that they would call us next time they were down at the track and give us a ride. I can't wait! It should be a lot of fun!

Well, that is pretty much it for the week. Everything seems to be going pretty well. I will definitely keep you updated on how everything is going on Monday.

It’s Crazy that M. is a Priest. He can Baptize now. That is CRAZY. Awesome ha-ha! He is even older than M*'*! Ha-ha. Maybe M. should start to talk to his friends a little more. I kept having the thought that Z. and his family should meet the missionaries.

Oh and have the missionaries visit Mr. S. That would be good.

Well that is all for this week. I love you guys and hope that you are all doing well. Much love!

Elder Britton Winterrose

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