Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Repent and Come Unto Christ


It's really weird. In spite of the minuscule amount of work that my companion and I were able to accomplish this week, we were able to pick up one new investigator, A.! She is planning on being baptized on Jan 8. Also our other investigator showed up. Tender Mercies.

The Lord's work will move forward at his own pace. He will make the way. Our only decision is whether we want to be part of that work, and that should pend on our love for the Savior.

I read a small article from Newsweek while I was waiting in the lobby of the doctor's office today. It was about Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney and how most Republicans won't back a Mormon political leader because most evangelical churches don't believe that Mormons are Christian.


I would challenge anyone who holds this belief to look into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, to learn about the religion, the church, and Christ, and then to pray and ask GOD whether it is Christ's true church. I'm sure that He knows and would love to tell you if you could humble yourself to ask.

It's so funny that anyone would even believe that.

That's like saying Mac's aren't computers because they don't run windows.

Okay, Rant over.---- That is why they don't let you watch TV, read magazines, or surf the net on your mission. Because they are vessels for instigation. AND other malicious works of the adversary.

It's amazing how difficult it is for people to accept something so simple, so elegant, as the restored gospel. You search, ponder, and then pray about it. Then you receive witness from Heavenly Father that it is true. Then you live its teachings and make the covenants that are necessary to continue to become nearer to Heavenly Father.

It's so easy a caveman could do it.

Enough of that.

Well this last week has been an emotional roller coaster. I met with the Ortho this morning and he took some X-rays. He said it looks stabilized, meaning I shouldn't need surgery, but I am going to have an MRI to make sure. He said that my sprain still looks very, very severe, and he is afraid that I bruised the bone. Did you know that anti-inflammatory drugs, like Advil, can prevent ankle injuries from healing? The bones in that region have poor circulation and the Advil just makes the inflammation, aka increased blood flow full of nutrients and stem cells, go away. SO I have basically been starving my ankle of the things that it needs to properly heal. GREAT! So my MRI is at 2pm today and then my appointment is on Wednesday.

And that's the other thing. A reporter, Marc Lester, from the Anchorage Daily News wants to do a photo journal of us for the newspaper. Like a huge newspaper article, a kind of day in the life of a missionary in Mountain View. We met him a few weeks ago and told him to contact Salt Lake about it and we heard back about it this week.... only catch.. The Media Department in Salt Lake doesn't want me to to it if I am still on my crutches, which I will be for the next month to two months. And we are supposed to go with Marc on Wednesday. The thing is that the church always has to be very careful about any media interactions especially on the community level like this. I feel good about it though and I know that no matter what happens that it will all be the Lords will. I will have other chances to represent the Lords church. :)

I feel wonderful today though. I am just ecstatic that I won't be going home/having surgery.

OH MY.......... SO yesterday at church we were talking with our ward mission leader after our Gospel Principles class about my ankle and he started telling us stories about some of his friends. He told me how one of them injured his ankle in the MTC and then went into the field and then he got a bone marrow infection and had to be released and have surgery. So I was thinking to myself "Sweet, he probably got to go back out and finish his mission." well then he starts telling me a story about how another one of his friends went to the Philippines and he had heart problems so his dad flew over there and then took him back to the states and he found out he had a heart infection. Again I was like "COOL!" So I asked him, so did either of them go back and finish serving, and he was like, "Nope."


So last night during my de-swelling time of keeping my foot elevated I was plagued by the thought of having to go home early. Thank the Lord for the power of Prayer and the endless power of the Comforter. After praying and pondering I came to the conclusion that whatever will happen will happen. And it will be the Lord's will. If the most important work I can do is back home and the Lord needs me there, then I will gladly go where ever he needs me. I've already headed to one end of the earth and I would gladly march to the other if my mission pres asked me. If my Zone Leaders or District Leader asked me to I would pray about it first, then go and do it. :)

I was listening to the song "Come, Come Ye Saints." Man I love that song. There were pioneers who had to keep moving forward, with frozen stubs for feet over hundreds of miles of untamed prairie, in temperatures around this cold.

I had the thought the other day that we, as Latter-Day Saints, should be and must be the best at enduring and prospering in any trial or adversity. We choose to follow Christ. The word Saint simply means a follower of Christ. Sometimes we follow in pain, sometimes in happiness, but always with joy.

Fear not and be of good courage - the Mutual theme from this year, should be the theme of our lives.

By the time that they pass away every Saint who shall endure to the end shall be torn apart, broken down, smashed, and refined. The Lord uses simple things to accomplish great purposes.

So, I will keep you updated on my ankle. Thank you everyone for your prayers and letters of support. I feel them and I have been up lifted by your efforts of love on my behalf through your letters.

And I will keep you updated on the news article. His will be done.

I didn't make any progress in the O le Tusi a Mamona. But I did read some of Jesus the Christ, the part about the apostasy, and I made a ton of progress in the Book of Mormon. I am going to try to finish it before Christmas. I haven't finished it once yet on my mission because I spent so much time studying the new testament.

I am so excited to talk to you all on Christmas.

OH and a sister Logo just returned to our ward from Fiji Suva Mission, yeah Elder Farley.

I love my mission, and I love my life. Wouldn't trade it for anything. THE BIRTHRIGHT IS MINE BABY!!!! Don't worry Ill share. :)

Oh and our splits with members this week were sporadic but apparently we did alright!

I miss D., C., M., D., M., and Buster. We should have named him Buttstir cause he smells so bad.

I miss all my friends who are dwelling in their individual states of apostasy. If you want to know what I want and what Jesus wants for His birthday it's for you to either get a testimony then repent, or repent and regain your testimony. The greatest joy I have ever known is the fullness of the Gospel. And I would hate for you to not be there in the Celestial Kingdom. I love you, and I pray for you the way I pray for my Family. Please just give obedience a shot to see how it feels. And I know that forgiveness is given at the cost of our pride and will.

I miss C & J, W & H, the C's, P's, C's, and everyone from Valdez.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and until next time stay classy.

Love Elder Winterrose

PS. I also miss my awesome Grandparents; Gayle & Carolyn and Dick & Billie, and my cousins- whom if you are living in apostasy, (breaking the law of chastity, word of wisdom, or just don't really know if its true for yourself yet) then the above about my friends applies to you also.

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