Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Christmas Time!


Well this week has been crazy. Not too crazy but still pretty crazy. I went to the Dr. then got my MRI. The Diagnosis is that I have a Stress Fractured Ankle (Bone Bruise) and that when fell, it tore up the cartilage in my ankle. None of the ligaments are torn and the bones basically just had all their insides crushed. The good news is that I won't need a cast, but I will have to stay on crutches for a while. Not really sure how long right now. It kind of just depends on how I am doing when I have my follow up visit in a week.

So I'm doing alright on my crutches right now. I'm getting around pretty well. No big problems.

I was actually pretty busy this week. I didn't end up getting to do the newspaper thing, so I went on splits on Wednesday. No worries. Then we had specialized training on planning and goal setting on Friday. It was very nice. My comp and I were struggling with many things but now we are working hard to work smarter and harder. I am 1000 times better now! Really, the Lord is answering all of our prayers.

Anyways, we had a pretty good week. We were able to start working with a new investigator and meet with a few families.

I love the holidays. I wish I had something more profound to say but I guess that the only thing that I could suggest would be focus on Christ to help make your holiday season more memorable. Focus on the Atonement. Let him change you. Take time for the deep, introspective, thought that is necessary to connect with your true desires, and connect those desires with Christ. The Atonement has the power to change your whole life. I can testify that, if you ask Him to root up those parts of you that you desire to depart from in order to become like Him, he will take them from you. It will feel as though you never even desired them.

One thing that I am diligently working on is my pride. Specifically, that part that causes me to contend with others and prevents understanding. Contention is the opposite of enlightenment. Contention is when truth is sought and shared but is distorted by fear, hatred, or that pride - and it prevents that communication. Satan tries to turn those truths into lies. I desire to enlighten. I feel that this is the ability to teach through love, to correct with love, to receive correction with love. To communicate. I really don't want to have the part of my heart that causes me to seek to verbally destroy those who are trying to help me or those who love me. It is complicated, but in the end very simple. I hope to be temperate.

I need humility, charity, faith and love. I need to put on the whole armor of God and bury the weapons of my rebellion; to cast aside that sword of selfishness and take up the tools needed to more fully build up His kingdom.

Oh and self restraint... when it comes to opening gifts.... SO I got my gifts. And my gloves. The gloves fit like a glove. Perfect. And see... when I was opening the postal boxes the tape caught the wrapping paper and kinda tore it and it all went down hill from there.... :) SO I opened it (the helicopter)! SO AWESOME hahah. Now I have something to do on p-days over at basketball while I'm crippled. And it was all down hill from there! Fret not! I did manage to restrain myself long enough to have my lovely companion snap some photos of my Christmas tree and my gifts! I am more excited to call home though! More than anything! WHOOT! I will be calling early, probably. So just be ready. And I will call way before 1pm.
I miss you guys so much. It's weird not being able to talk to you, but in a way I am use to it now. I will send you the pics. I don't know where you found all of that awesome Christmas Music for that nano but it is awesome. You got almost all of my favorite church hymns and missionary music. Sweetness. I downloaded the Christmas devotional and put it on there too. We missed it the first time but its all good! Haha. All in all the gifts were all well thought out and are fantastic!

I am thankful for crutches because if it wasn't for them I would be stuck not moving.

M., I want you to know that I love you. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get your letter written and in the mail in time to be there on your birthday. I can't believe you are old enough to drive. Like it really scares me. Hahaha! I know you will be pro though. Just don't wreck the car or C. will be way ticked haha. I love you and I will send you a hand written letter soon. Get better. I will be praying for you. OH and ask dad for a blessing.

Shortest day of the year tomorrow! WHOOT! THAT MEANS TOMORROW THE SUN WILL BE OUT LONGER.

OH and the musical tie almost died when i forgot to take it off in my laggy drug-stupor when I had my MRI. But I remembered, and gave it to the guy. MRI's are amazing machines.

I made a section in my journal for all my million dollar ideas. I figure that one in ten ideas that I have had in the past have come true. Like 20 of them. So all I really need is ten. But the list is growing. I will try to be diligent about it.

I love you guys and I am way excited about getting to talk to you. Bottom line - I'm doing great now and I love you all. Have a very merry Christmas.

Love, Elder Britton Winterrose

This one is old - it's from Fairbanks. I saw him standing there with his pants on the ground and so I had Elder L. turn around and drive back past so I could take a Picture!

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