Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Watching for Northern Lights

Hello everyone!

This week went pretty well. We were contacting less active members like mad...... but it seems to be paying off! I love doing missionary work! It's very exciting! I guess it was just another regular week. Hahaha. Nothing too special! It has been a fun week though. We were just busy all week.

I think today we will just end up playing basketball over at the stake center. That's what we usually do on p-days and we play every other morning during the week, and guess what? I'm starting to get a little bit better... Like I don't suck any more! I guess it's because of all that practice. We have a good group to play with though so it's way fun! And it's a good work out.

My companion and I have been dying to see the Northern Lights but we've missed them twice. Talk about a bummer! It's cool though because I know we will have lots of other opportunities to see them. The forecasts for today and tomorrow evening look pretty promising.

I can't remember what I was doing this week, but I overheard someone on the phone talking to their family, and all of a sudden I was like hit with a wall of wanting to call my family. It was weird. I don't usually get trunky like most other missionaries. No worries though! I know I'll get to see you all soon enough.

I really do miss you guys, but I know that the Lord needs me here. Any good that I could do at home is insignificant when compared to the blessings the family will receive for the service I'm doing here in the mission field. Like a thousand times more blessings, at least! I guess that is the greatest comfort in missionary work.

I found out from a member that there are supposed to be some Silver Salmon running this next week so I think I will have to get out there and catch something before winter hits. Good news is that once winter hits we can go ice fishing and what not! That should be a fun little experience! Haha.

It's weird that some of the guys I grew up with are already getting home from their missions. I can't even imagine what it would feel like... Some of the Elders that I've grown closest to in the field are already home and like dating and stuff... WEIRD!

I'm stoked for this week because we have Zone Conference with Paul P. Piper of the Seventy. It's gonna be good. It will be the first time that I will be in a situation that I can actually interact with a General Authority!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! Then he is having a fireside that evening just for members and investigators! It's like playing a little league game with a MLB player pitching for you. He will surely bring the spirit!

It's starting to cool down here but it's not cold all day yet. It's still pretty warm during the day. It will be below zero by the end of this transfer though, I am sure!

C., I hope things are going good at amazon and with your mission papers!

M! Don't spend too much time on Halo Hahaha! I didn't even know it was coming out until we were over at these people's house and the kid started talking about the new halo! Don't have too much fun! Haha.

D! I heard that you are making scootering videos! That's awesome! You have to have mom include the link in the next email! Haha! But really, make one set to Primary music and send it to me on a sim card. :)

I love you guys! Take care! I'll talk to you next week!

Love, Elder Winterrose

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