Monday, May 17, 2010

Staying in Valdez

Well everything is going great! I love you and miss you guys! My first baptism is coming up on the 29th and my investigator agreed to pay her tithing last week! Everything is starting to go better with my comp! We are both really striving to keep all the rules! I’ve just been incredibly busy this past week with this transfer, getting transitioned, and getting over our differences. Mom, I took your advice. My companion and I now sing together in our companion study and we sang our first spiritual message the other day! It was awesome!

It sucks that Pooter mashed his “twoof”! But AT LEAST they were able to put the WHOLE thing back in and you don’t have to have some goofy, chipped-filling like I do!! But D, I’ve been there man. Like when ya felt like you wanted to cry when they were gonna give you stitches! That’s how I felt when I was in the hospital for my appendix and they were approaching their 19th attempt to put in an IV! Poot, you should ask Dad and the home teachers for a priesthood blessing! It will help you get better way faster, and let Heavenly Father bless you!

Unfortunately my companion and I are gonna have to move our P-day to this Thursday because of some stuff that popped up, (lessons and such) but I needed to let you know! Last week my mission pres called me and asked me if I emailed you and I told him no… He said he’d heard from you and that you were worried! I PROMISE a big letter is coming on Thursday!! I love you guys but I have to jet! Tell C I wrote him a quick letter last night and that I’m way proud of him! See ya!!!

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