Monday, May 24, 2010

Fishers of Souls, Sole, Halibut and Crab

Well this last week, between Thursday and Monday, has been pretty laid back. We did service all day Friday and Saturday and then we went to a surprise party for a member in our branch and they had TONS of shrimp there! We're also just working with our investigator, C., and getting everything planned for her baptism. She had her interview yesterday and she passed, so we have the green light for Saturday! It's so exciting. So this week our focus is going to be on contacting our former investigators and less active members, especially those with part member families. Then we are going to really strive to do more tracting! I'm pretty psyched for this week; I know it's going to be a good week! We really need to expand our teaching pools if we are going to baptize more... IT'S GONNA BE GOOD THOUGH!!!

I really wish I could go out on a boat. That would be so freaking awesome, cause then I could go halibut fishing *legit* and even shark fishing! There's tons of members with boats that would be more than happy to take us out... Honestly, it's the biggest temptation in my life right now. I'll just have to come back some day I guess! Hahahaha.

I won't have to leave Alaska without having caught a Halibut though!!! Two weeks back, when I was fishing on my p-day, I CAUGHT ONE OFF the city dock. I think I am one of like 2 people who have ever caught a halibut off that dock!!!! It's pretty awesome! It was tiny for a Halibut, but it was a Halibut none the less and I caught one!

So that was two weeks ago, and my comp caught nothing when we went out that time, so I fixed his set-up then we went back out last Thursday after I emailed you guys and I was just destroying the fish! I caught one Sole every cast for my first 5 casts, only 2 of them were big enough to be great eating, and I caught a crab. MY COMP didn't catch anything. He was so ticked off. Hahah, and then I was like "Ok if I can use your pole and I catch a fish then it means it's you not the pole." So we swapped poles and within 6 minutes of my first cast I caught a little cod! HE WAS SO BUGGED! It was hilarious. He just couldn't believe that I was catching em and he hadn't caught one! And that's how the day ended! Elder Winterrose - 7 critters Elder C - 0!

Well that's about it for this week in Valdez! I cant wait to hear from you guys again! I love and miss you guys! Talk to you later!!

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  1. If you're on the Kenai, near Ninilchik, you should contact my brother who is a halibut guide. Also salmon fishing will be starting up over Memorial Day weekend. Lots of opportunities to eat off the land and sea when in Alaska. Enjoy your mission!