Monday, December 19, 2011

Well I have news!! I'm getting transferred to Juneau 1st / 2ndYSA. It will be pretty awesome. I am a little nervous about transferring this close to Christmas remembering Curtis Bullock's story of his transfer near Christmas. It really throws my plans to call home into the air.  I have no clue when I will be able to because I don't know when we have our sacrament meetings or who's computer I could use to skype. Nevertheless I am way stoked and I know it will all work out.

I have had like ZERO time to respond or write thank-you notes as personal as I would like to because of how busy I have been with packing and such. I sent home a box the other day... a friend at FedEx shipped it for me so it went out super cheap! Don't hurt your back trying to lift it though!  The suits I got earlier would need a little bit of extreme tailoring at this point to make them fit really nice because of how much weight I've lost. I think the blue one might fit Dad though. They are very pretty suits. There are also are a bunch of institute manuals. I remembered that you, mom, asked if I would get the ones when I was back home... well Brother Bacon, the institute teacher here, hooked me up with the manuals, so merry Christmas. I kept one of them and I will bring it home with me when I return. I didn't have time to write about everything I put in the box or even time to go Christmas shopping because of how busy we have been.

Oh so back to the transfers. I am bummed to be leaving the Anchorage YSA ward because I really love that ward. It will be nice to have a change of scenery though and I am always up for a new adventure. I am excited to get to go back to the south east. I may even be rooming up with Elder Kyle T. Williams.  He is going down to serve with Elder Holland in the other ward in Juneau, and I will be serving with Elder Drake, who was trained by Elder Nate Coleman. He is a way nice guy and I am pretty stoked to serve with him. He came out in the same group as Elders Tyler Williams, Poole, Grate, and Johansen. I am way excited.

I sent Chan his Xmas gift. Sorry I couldn't write a letter Chan.. just didn`t have time!!!! AHHHGH!!!

I got the packages from home, both of them! 

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!! I love the cologne and the Tie is awesome! and the card made me laugh.

I did get the package from Bonnie. THANK YOU!!! Again... awesome tie!  It's just nice to be remembered.

I got grandma carolyn's card, Thanks Grandma!

I got grandma billie's letter but I just haven't gotten back to her yet... so bogged down.

I feel really grateful to have been called to serve. I was asking the assistants when I fly out (to Juneau) for transfers... so they told me that I fly out on the 12th... and I thought about it for a bit and then was like 'Oh they mean 12th of March... :( ' Haha.

I guess it is the final countdown. Oh did I mention President let us go to the Dimond ward Christmas Party? EVERYONE was there, it was a wonderful treat. Definitely a tender mercy from the Lord. 

I will really miss this ward, but the only thing I can ever hope for is for a ward to be as sad when I leave about me leaving as I am about having to leave the ward.
Juneau is gonna be awesome. ADVENTURES WILL OCCUR!!!! I will miss Anchorage and all my friends here. But a new land awaits me and I cannot bind my heart to the land of my exodus.

Hopefully I will hear back from BYU & BYUH this week.


Elder Britton Winterrose

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