Monday, August 9, 2010

In Fairbanks with Elder Loomis

Hello family!

I'm glad to hear that the trip down to Utah went well! It sounds like everyone had a blast! I'm proud of Poot for being brave and going for the eel and squid! That was very brave of him! With sushi many of my favorite ones are some of the more weird kinds. That place is the place that grandpa took me as my last meal before I entered the MTC... It sounds like everyone had a blast and I hope the brothers just take all that they learned and focus on it. EFY was always amazing for me because no matter how delinquent or off the track I was, it was a time that would remind me who I am, and what my potential is. Like a spiritual booster shot. Not to mention all the cute girls you meet there! Hahah. MO!.... 'Nuff said.

I can't believe C. is turning 19... then again I can't believe I'm already on my mission... Some times it just hits me and all I can think is, "Whoa...!"

I miss the members from Valdez, but Fairbanks is wonderful. My companion, Elder L., and I get along like two peas in a pod... He has a sense of humor like SamSamBean. It's such a blast serving with him! ALSO he is like Uber-obedient. We have already had so many wonderful teaching experiences.

Like just the other night, we had 15 minutes left. It had been the slowest friggin day ever. We tried to contact EVERYONE... and all of our lessons just kept calling and canceling. But we were diligent. I was ready to give up, so I just didn't say anything. We drove all the way back home and we sat there in the truck,(WE FINALLY HAVE A TRUCK) and pondered for a minute. Just sat and listened to the silence. Then he said,"I know who we are going to go visit." So we went to this less-active member's house and just happened to catch her on her way out, but we started talking. (Talking as a missionary means trying to address her needs and helping her.) It felt like it was going nowhere, she was having some issues with people in her life, compounded by a divorce, and was angry. It's so important to listen, and then ask bold questions as the spirit directs. After she got done telling us why she didn't want to come to church, I asked her, "Sister, when did you first realize that the church is true?" That's when she broke down. It was a humbling experience for me, because the spirit was able to work through me to help this sister realize that what she needed was help... help that only the spirit could deliver. She even decided on her own that she needed to go back to church. We left her home with the hymn,"Count Your Blessings" and a prayer.

As we were walking back to the car we were talking about how it went and all we could both say is, "This is why we are here." This is why I am serving a mission. Because there is no experience more amazing than the Lord working through you to help His children.

One last thing, Always thank the Lord for your spiritual experiences. First thing, right after you feel it.

That was probably the highlight of my week, oh but the best part was, that she came to church the next day! And she paid her tithing, and she met with the bishop.

I heard that some times in your mission you will be lucky enough to have that companion that you can trust perfectly, and they trust you and you will be able to work uber effectively together... I think that's what I've got here and it's wonderful.

Well, now for a little about Fairbanks. It's warm, and there is like a massive wild fire somewhere a ways away. It fills the sky with smoke and makes my allergies CRAZY. But luckily they are having a really wet summer with lots of rain, so it keeps the air pretty clean. The people seem really nice. There is a lot of work to do, especially less active work. In our ward there is around 400 people, but only 100 or so are active.... It's nuts! A lot of people come up here, it seems, to run away from the church. SILLY PEOPLE. You can't run away from the church. They will always find you. And you will always do something to blow your cover, then they will sic the missionaries on you. :)

Only bummer... the fishing isn't like it is in Valdez.... :( But I will FIND FISH!!!

Transfers were good. I got to see Elder V., who is now HOME IN PARADISE, and I said farewell to Elder C., who is now serving in Anchorage YSA. I drove to transfers which was good and bad; Bad because it took like 12 hours of driving and I pretty much covered the entire state in one day, good though because I was able to bring an EXTRA suitcase filled with all the crap I accumulated in Valdez! :)

Oh and yes I do know Elder S., he is the Zone Leader in my zone and he is currently sitting right next to me. I told him that my mother cyber-stalks him via his blog. Hahah. Seriously though, he is an awesome missionary. Super-obedient and a tracting machine.

This week my comp and I set a goal to get over our tracting fears and go track lots. I guess by telling you, it will set my goal in stone and hold me accountable. Hahahah.

Well I love you all and hope for the best!

Love Elder Winterrose

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