Monday, July 12, 2010

Fishing, Catching and Predators : )

Hi Family and Friends!

Today has been wonderful so far! My comp and I woke up early this morning and got out to go fishing at 7:00 a.m. It was one of the best days of fishing I've ever had. It's hard to even call it fishing because you hook a fish nearly every time you cast. It's really not good for my fishing patience though. I start feeling like I'm having to wait forever when it takes more than two casts between fish. It's so stinking much fun.

The salmon that we are fishing for are Pink Salmon. Some of them are good Sea Bright ones that are good to eat, but more and more are looking like they are in the early to mid stages of the spawning transformation where their flesh turns white instead of pink and starts getting all mooshy. I caught a huge one today though, it weighed 8 and a half pounds. That's a pretty huge pink. I haven't actually seen any others bigger than that one. The state record though is like some freak behemoth fish at 14lbs. Anyways, so we fished for 3 hours and caught around 40 - 50 each. We have eaten so much salmon that I can't even stomach any more of the Pinks, I'm always game for Red (Sockeye) and King (Chinook) as long as they're fresh and free! We only ended up keeping 4 fish then we went and filleted them. I'm getting pro at filleting fish, I've done ~100 this last week between my own catches and helping people fillet their fish. One of the fish cleaners down in the harbor taught us how to fillet them right! In the 30+ years he's been doing it he's filleted more than 200,000 fish! A lot of them are freaking huge ones too! Today was all about catching fish though, not keeping it.

We went to the Solomon Gulch Fish Hatchery and fished down stream from the hatchery. Then when the tide was way out we went down along the river that runs through the tidal flats and just caught fish after fish after fish! It was an awesome morning. That whole area is pretty awesome though because all that food in one area brings in the coolest predators! Orcas, Sea Lions, Sea Otters, River Otters, Black Bears and Brown Bears! And tons of tourists! We contact so many people each day just because we are polite and helpful, the other people usually even start the conversation! We are also able to donate our fish that we catch to the local food bank! It's awesome because we get to do service by fishing. Service and contacting - all while enjoying nature and some of the best fishing it has to offer. It really is wonderful.

I'm sending some pictures of my comp and I! That reminds me...? Did you ever get my memory card? Are you sending it back?

Well... I really miss you guys. It freaks me out how much all the brothers have grown since I've left. It's also weird to think that I am already 4 months into my mission.

This guy drives around town and has the biggest malamute I've ever seen. His dog is a beast. I want one like it.

Well shoot............ it won't let me attach more than one picture per email. Freaking stupid.... Well here comes a few emails and an explanation of the pictures! Haahah.

Well the work here is going slowly but it is progressing! I really miss you guys!

Love Elder Winterrose!

P.S. I really liked Elder Berke's idea of the car wash and Sizzle but it rains all the time here. :)

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