Monday, June 28, 2010

There's Always Service!

Dang C. that's some serious road rash! Last time I saw some that bad was when Kevin Turner hit a dog going like 30 on his bike and it launched him over his handle bars. I'm glad that you were wearing your helmet though! Just remember... keep the Sabbath day holy! HaHaHa. But seriously I'm glad you are alive and still in one piece.

Other thing is was it your right or your left elbow that took the beating? I sure hope it was your left... You did the right thing by getting a Priesthood blessing though. Amazing things happen when you get Priesthood blessings because you are opening up the path for Heavenly Father to bless you! Seriously though the Lord must have something awesome planned for you on your mission because you are still alive! I love you little bro so don't go dieing or maiming yourself before we have the chance to go snowboarding again!

Well Family and Friends, this week was a good one! We had a baptism on Tuesday, and we have been doing tons of service! As far as teaching goes it's been pretty slow, but that's just how it goes here in Alaska! Tons of service is good though. Every time we do service it reminds me of the missionaries who used to come over and help us work on our house. I always loved it when they came over! The spirit was just always so intense!

Other news... well I gave another talk this Sunday! That brings the total to 3 or 4 now in Valdez!  HaHaHa. I spoke about charity! I wont tell you what all I said, cause I don't want to deprive anyone of learning about it for themselves! Start in Moroni 7:45 and Preach my Gospel Chapter 6.

Well I love you all and miss you!

God be with you!

*****Note from Mom: I wondered why his letter this week was so short, but figured he was off to do something fun! I guess I was right - I just got an email from a family vacationing in Valdez. They wrote:

"We are RV travelers in Alaska and visiting Valdez. We were on the dock and talked to two nice young men and they told us that they were on a mission. So I asked them if they would like me to take a photo and send it to their moms...and of course the rest of the family.

Don't they look happy and having fun fishing? They had been fishing all day and came to the dock to clean them. Those fish are Dolly Vardens. Enjoy the photos.

Thanks to the Seaman Family for the photos!

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