Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Baptism Coming Up!

Dear Family and Friends,
Well this week is going all right! Last week felt pretty lame because we haven't had anyone to teach and this week was starting to look like it was going to be the same, no one to teach but members. Then out of the blue we got a phone call from a part-member family and they told us that they're son was saying that he wanted to get baptized! So, we've started teaching him and he has selected a date!!! The 22nd of June! Whoot! He is such a good kid, he even reads his Book of Mormon! It's amazing though, because I was totally convinced that we were gonna be pulling zeros for the next month or so and then out of the blue the Lord provides us with someone to teach. I know it is because we have been working hard to do what is right! I love missionary work!

BUT, I am a little bit sad that I'm missing the summer back home!!!! I figure M. is finally starting to get to his 5'9" height like me and C! It's gonna be so stinking weird to come home right before the end of his Junior year and see how he has changed. Same with poot. C., on the other hand, better not be at home when I get back! Hahah.

My companion and I received a few invitations to go dip-netting this week! Dip-netting is where you use a big 'ole net on a long pole and you stick it out into the middle of the river and harvest a bunch of salmon. We were thinking about going today but we decided that it just wasn't really a wise choice. We both just got the feeling that we shouldn't go, so we followed that prompting and stayed back. Talk about tough decisions though, there was nothing that I wanted to do more than go and net 15 salmon and send some home for Father's Day! Oh well! Going out on boats has been really tempting too.. but I haven't!

We've been working hard and the work here is going well! Well family and friends. Not a whole lot to say today! But I love and miss you all! Talk to you next week!

Elder Winterrose

PS - To answer your clothing question - I have been wearing that rain gear that we got from CTR clothing and it's just not waterproof enough for the torrential rains that are starting to pick up around here in Valdez, I'm gonna keep my eyes open for some real rain gear, like heavy-duty sea-going people stuff, at garage sales around here. It really is a necessity. As far as outerwear goes I'm doing alright. I inherited a parka when I arrived to Valdez (a really nice one in fact!). The last missionary who left for home from here must have left it! The rain coat is the only thing I really need, but there are a few things that I would like, such as a pair of cross trainer shoes that are good for running.

Things I'm using often are: My soft shell jacket (that black one i got from Costco), the washable slacks, both types of shirts, the hush puppies, rubber boots (I picked up a pair of them for 15 bucks from the store out here), I like my ties, my camera, the electric shaver, the gold toe and heavy socks...

I'm not using or have yet to use often: the outrageously-dashing black overcoat I bought (just because I couldn't bare getting it grimy), I rarely wear my suits (I only use them on Sundays and zone conference and I have yet to get either of them dry cleaned) and wear the washable slacks and soft-shell jacket instead, I like the suitcases, but I think it may have been easier just using duffel bags and maybe a garment bag (like one of those handy ones with wheels), I don't foresee myself swapping over though, oh and my long johns.

Guess he got the rain gear - got this picture 8/9/10
Anyways, those are just some thoughts that were on my mind. I'll keep an eye out for rain gear (the legit Helly Hansen style pvc kind), if I pass by any yard sales.

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