Monday, October 18, 2010

Random Stuff

Well well well....... where should I start.

I guess it has been a good week. I mean it's not like it was a bad week. It just felt like it went by a little slow, hence the work must have been slow. Because the week only feels like it's dragging on when the work is slow.

We struggled to see any one this last week. It was seriously like every single person we had a lesson with canceled... I understand how it goes though. I can still remember what it's like to live in the real world. I think the other thing that made it feel so long is that we didn't have very many dinners with members... like just no one signed up. That just makes the day feel so much longer when you aren't getting to teach anyone. It all went on though the week. We did have some good lessons. Dropped another investigator. Weren't able to pick up another one. So right now were basically down to one investigator. He is solid, but he is in high school so he can get busy sometimes. He's a good kid though.

I read a funny story in the back of a special edition of the new era. It can be found here - New Era Article - Tattoos and Your Mission. It says near the bottom that having a tattoo may limit the options of where they send you to either somewhere that tattoos are culturally acceptable or somewhere cold where you have to wear long sleeves most of the year.

So boys and girls if you want to go on your mission to Alaska Anchorage, get a tattoo. Just kidding, don't do that! Really don't. Show the Lord how much you respect your body by keeping it clean, and taking care of it.

There are a lot of missionaries up here that have tattoos though. Like 40 - 50% of them.

What else about this week... OH! I got the basketball shoes and they work wonderfully. They help me run faster, jump higher, and dunk like a pro.... but seriously they are great! Thanks so much.

My snow pants should be in my closet. If they're not there they may be packed up. I brought my coat, but I didn't bring the pants. I don't need them immediately but soon would be good cause I am sure eventually we will be covered with tons of snow.

Well, next p-day is transfers. Who knows what will happen, but my p-day will be Tuesday next week. Just so you don't forget and freak out when I don't email you on Monday!

I am pretty jealous that Cameron got to see Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. That is awesome.

When I was in Valdez they were filming a commercial for the 2011 Chevy Silverado. If you type in Valdez and Silverado I'm sure it will pop up. They like hijacked the city dock and put all this stuff on it to try to make it look hardcore. LAME-O.

If I buy a truck I will probably buy a Ford.

Well sometimes my letters are filled with inspiration, other times they are filled with crap. In both cases they are pretty random and rough around the edges.......

I guess my spiritual peak this week had to have been during interviews with President Dance. He is wonderful! I think he and Sister Dance have to be the most jet setting Mission Pres.& spouse in the world. They are constantly flying all around the mission. They work so hard to help us and to build up this mission. It's going to be weird to see them leave half way through my mission and then have a different President the second half of my mission. They will leave almost exactly when I've been out one year.

I love Alaska. I really do. I could use those pants for sure mom, and probably another pair or 2 of thermal bottoms. It's starting to get nippy up here. Oh and the other thing I could use would be like a pair of gloves like a pair of pipe gloves.... C. will know what I'm talking about. Like a pair of conservatively colored ones. They just need to be grippy, low profile, and probably black or brown. I'm gonna be on the look-out for a fur hat, but if I can't find one competitively priced then I will send you my measurements. I would like pictures too! If you would! And stamps? 'Cause I'm too lazy to buy them.

Well, I guess that is it for this week. If you guys find any inspirational cd's that you think will uplift and inspire, send me a copy. Keep the original though 'cause I don't want to worry about the real one getting scratched or lost.

I love you guys! Take care, and always remember that it's not about how much confidence you have in yourself, but how much confidence you have in Christ - With Him we can do all things.



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