Monday, April 12, 2010

A whole new kind of cold

(Sister Dance, Elder Winterrose, President Dance)

Life is going great! This morning though our hot water and our heat went out again, and I didn't know that they had, so I just went about cutting my own hair and getting ready to take a shower and then when I jumped in it was freezing. It took me the whole of 15 seconds to figure out that it was out. I guess the circuit breaker just keeps flipping for no reason, but our landlord - Stan P- is a member, and he said he just got the part in today to fix it so it’s all good.

One thing to understand though about cold showers here in Valdez - the water comes out of the ground between 36-40 degrees... that’s colder than the Columbia in the middle of winter! That’s straight-up glacier water! It hurts to take a cold shower, it hurts your skin and it gives you like this instant headache. Not to mention if you get it in your ears it’s like instant brain freeze. I survived though!

Oh and I kinda mentioned it! I CUT MY OWN HAIR! Yep, my companion has a trimmer, so I just threw the guard on there and went to work last night. I didn’t get a haircut in the MTC cause all the guys from my district got theirs cut and they did a terrible job cutting it. And it was getting kinda long and shaggy so I decided to cut it. Plus I only have like 30 bucks left for the rest of the month... everything here is so stinkin expensive! Like a thing of 8 rolls of paper towels, the cheap generic small kind, is at least 20 bucks. The small box of tide laundry detergent is 22 bucks! A normal box of dryer sheets is 13 bucks, and a thing of 6 rolls of Charmin (the only good toilet paper) is 15 bucks. Ridiculous! That’s like vending machine prices, jacked up. And it’s not because it’s out here in Alaska. It’s because there is only this one Safeway in the city.... no competition.

Well, that’s bout the only story I have from my p-day so far. Shrimping season starts on the 15th! That means (hopefully!!) shrimp for dinner! The members here are awesome! They are always making sure that we have a dinner appointment, and that’s great because it gives me the opportunity to get to know each of the families and members! I love this town though, it’s so cool. I found out yesterday that a lot of pro boarders were up here the last two weeks in the pass but I guess the big jam they were here for just ended, bummer.. I would have had Shaun white sign my BoM. :)

The mountains here are amazing though, I seriously can’t believe that there isn't a ski resort here at least a little one like Bluewood. I guess it’s because everyone who lives here or visits either owns or can borrow or rent a snowmachine, and the mountains are really snowmachine friendly, you can reach just about any peak with a good snowmachine and a good driver, and a little hiking, :) I will definitely want to be coming back here some day.

As for Tongan, its coming, but slowly... very slowly. I’m still trying to figure out the basic grammar principles. And nope, there is no one besides my comp to practice with here in Valdez.

When I drove down (to Valdez) they didn’t even give me a map! Ha-ha. They just asked my comp if he knew which way to go... it’s not like there’s lots of highways in Alaska though, ha-ha. The car is nice though, and yes it does have studded tires.

As for the amount of snow on the ground, it’s been a beautiful week so a lot of the snow has melted, like 2 feet of it - so there is still like 4- 5 feet in most places. It’s still snowing on and off the last 2 days, but nothing is sticking ‘cause it’s just above freezing outside. It’s amazing how warm a 42 degree day feels when it’s sunny outside, but as soon as the wind blows then it freezes you.

As for Zone conferences, we drive back to Anchorage. But for district meetings we just call in. So it’s not too bad, but the drive between here and Anchorage is longer than the drive to Bend, it’s a good 5 hours when you drive the speed limit.

I’m so excited for the salmon runs though! Only a few more months! But in the mean time I am gonna stick with just doing tons of missionary work!

I love you guys! I miss you! I pray for you all the time. Stay strong, and have fun!

Love Elder Winterrose!

Oh and tell Dad that I got his email! Thanks Dad! Love ya!

And Tell Pootie I got his letter! I’m excited that he’s taking that challenge!

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