Sunday, February 21, 2010

Temple Road Trip

Britt and Sam got home late last night from a road trip to Utah. The went down with the intent to go to the Logan, SLC, Manti and St. George Temples, all in 4 days. After learning that St. George Temple was closed, they revamped their plans and spent a day in Manti and the rest at the Salt Lake Temple.

What an awesome experience for the two of them! It's been such a blessing to Britt to have Sam preparing for his mission at the same time. Sam leaves March 3rd, a week before Britt. They'll be in the MTC at the same time and may even get to see one another again. Marty was telling Britt that he'd probably see him at devotionals, but he might have trouble finding him. Britt said he'd be able to pick Sam out in any group where there was singing, since he knows the sound of his voice like his own (they were in choir together for 4 years).

All in all, they had a great trip, came home exhausted and both had to prepare to speak in church on Sunday and give their "farewell" talks.

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